How can I make LISM more valuable for you in 2010?

How can I make LISM more valuable for you in 2010?As we enter into 2010, I’ve been thinking a lot about Life In Student Ministry and it’s direction for the future. I’ve been tremendously blessed to create much of the content here, sometimes with you in mind, sometimes just rambling out loud about my own issues and struggles in youth ministry. I presume much of that will stay the same in 2010, but I also want to make some changes that will continue to bless you and your ministry. As you know, evaluation is critically important in preventing something from becoming stale and stagnant, so would you help me with that?

Linked below is a survey that could give me some valuable insights into you, your ministry, your needs, and thoughts about this site. It should only take about 3-4 minutes to complete, so when you have the time, please fill it out and help me serve you.

[ SURVEY: Looking forward to 2010 with LISM ]

All that I ask is that you be honest, courteous and constructive with your feedback.

I pour a lot of time and energy into Life In Student Ministry and the projects that surround it, so criticism can be a little difficult to hear sometimes. However, I think it’s vital to hear it all if this site is going to continue to be a valuable resource for you and your ministry.

I appreciate if you could complete the survey above, but also feel free to leave comments below that could be helpful for LISM in 2010. Give me feedback about topics, types of posts, posting frequency, the site’s design, blog features,, tools and services, frustrations, ideas, etc. Thank you!

I’m looking forward to an amazing year of blessing you and your “life in student ministry!”

Posted on December 31, 2009

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