How humor can cut off communication

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Posted on November 12, 2008

  • Ginger Lambert

    Thank you so much for all your help,video blogs, etc. This site has been so helpful! The topic today “how humor can cut off communication” is great! I’m going to use it with my fellow teachers. There are some that think that sarcasm helps them to ‘connect’ with the students. But when you watch the students’ response… you can tell… they are just trying to survive it!

    Bless you


  • Shelby Craig

    I would love to give the book to a student that I am currently mentoring. It would be a great asset to encourage him in his walk.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • @Shelby Craig: It’s yours! I emailed ya for your mailing address. Glad to know you can use it.

  • Mat

    Thanks Tim….great topic! I’ve learned the hard way to more careful. I was so forcused on being funny and the “cool” youth worker that I was not thinking of the young person. I realized that my time with them compared to the time they spent at school and at home was very little. So instead of spending my time criticizing them, being sarcastic, and using them as my joke I needed to make the time with the young person as impacting as possible. I made up my mind that I would be their cheerleader, give words of encouragement, build up them up, help them be better; just add value to them.



  • I’m totally down with #2-4.

    However, I think sarcasm is a spiritual gift.

  • Or don’t do what I did last night and make a joke about how Barrack Obama might be the anti-Christ :) For real…yeah, just came right out without me even thinking about the potential effects that kind of comment could have. Especially if you have white AND black students in the room as well. Obviously, I meant it as a joke (I don’t really believe he’s the anti-Christ), but youth group is no place for political statements or opinions about politics. Obama is our president now and the Bible tells us God sets up the authorities here on earth and we should submit to them. So, yeah, don’t ever do that fellow youth workers :) Learn from my mistake…

  • @Frank Honess: You crack me up! lol I can totally see you making a side-comment like that and then slapping your forehead afterwards.

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  • This was really good on humor. We all have pulled boners ! And regret it fiercely. Your teaching is very helpful. So neat how you youth leaders help one another!! Strength in cooperation..

    You keep your site updated and so helpful..

    Thankfully proud of you and your Work for the Master.


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