How the biblical family and the western family collide

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Last year my new boss at Epipheo Studios taught in the Sunday morning services at a church here in Cincinnati. His message was on a topic he’s very passionate about and genuinely lives out publicly for me and others: a biblical philosophy of “family.”

If you’re like me, you’ve probably just accepted the normal idea of family as we’ve become accustomed to here in America and in Western society in general. I actually have never thought anything of it because, honestly, it’s all I know and I’ve never had a reason to challenge it. However, Jeremy Pryor looks at what the biblical idea of family is within the context of Hebrew culture and compares it to our modern idea of family. It’s quite fascinating!

If you get some time to watch his message, I highly encourage you to do so. You could even do what I did and have it playing in the background while doing some other work in the room.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to Jeremy’s message. Please comment below!

If you really want to dive in deep, Jeremy has a blog post about this titled, “ReFamily: The Bible’s Blueprint.” In it he freely shares a document he’s been working on that shares the same title and man, it is in-depth!

Do you really understand your own family philosophy? Have you ever considered if you define family biblically? Whether you truly understand what the Bible means by family? Whether you believe in God’s design for the family? This blueprint exposes the fact that the West has a totally different view of family than Scripture describes. We take readers back in time to understand the way family was understood classically and how the Bible challenges, critiques and ultimate redeems this view of family through the Gospel and the vision of family as a multi-generational team.

There are some pretty major implications here not only for our own families, but in how we do ministry to families and reach the family unit as a whole instead of as individuals.

Watch his video! I’m itching to discuss it in the comments with you all!

Posted on March 13, 2012

  • wow…great stuff. love the whole “story” thing. thanks for sharing. glad you’re working with a guy like jeremy…thinking together there’s some larger story about to unfold. very cool. blessings!

    • Yeah, it’ll be fun to see what the “larger story” is. :)

  • Dave

    I like how he described fathers as “unemployed coaches looking for a team to join” and the real team is at home. I think about fathers in our own church and if we can change the perception and equip themto lead their families, we might actually see children grow up and be strong in their faith. it’s amazing to think how muchwe delegate to other people in many areas of our childrens lives.

    • Yeah, we really do delegate and outsource a lot. What is appropriate and what’s not is the first question. The second question is how do we start to address what’s inappropriately being outsourced so fathers and parents can fulfill their Biblical roles more effectively.

      • Dave

        I think those are great questions. It’s something we are looking into where I am at. I’m the youth pastor and also oversee the children’s min. We are begining to slowly steer the boat in another direction by first teaching parents what their roles are according to the Bible and equipping them to begin taking on that responsiblity. i like what Timothy Paul jones writes in Family Ministry Field Guide, we need to stop assuming parents know what to do and start equipping them to do it. I believe our church and others will reap the benefits of making this change- stronger churches, stronger families and stronger disciples.

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