How to hide your big ring of youth group keys

When I became the youth pastor at my church, they handed me a big ring of about 15 keys to doors, rooms and closets all over the church. Being a guy who likes as little in my pockets as possible, I took my office key and left the rest of them in my office. The problem is whenever I’m at church in the evening for something and need those keys, I have to run up to my office, disarm the entire office alarm system, grab the keys, do whatever business I need with them, return them to my office, lock up, and set the alarm again. It’s a pain. So, I’m thinking about following the idea in this video to make a nifty little secret box to hide my keys outside my office somewhere instead. Plus, it just seems fun.

(ht to Lifehacker)

Posted on September 17, 2007

  • Tim

    At my church, we actually have magnetic key swipe cards for access to the church and offices. A lot of the other locks do work off a master key, but there's a lot of little one's that can't, such as the youth safe, a separate building out back, sound system lock, hex key for some doors, stuff like that. It's really not a big deal — it's just what I thought of when I saw this video.

  • What about putting your keys in the ceiling tiles? Thats my secret…(woops shouldn't have just given that away!

  • nice. with my luck someone would try to use the outlet and when they went to unplug whatever it was they plugged in upon the outlet not working the faceplate would slide off and my secrets would be revealed.

    still. i might just try this.

  • Tim

    Hmm… good call, Chris. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m not sure I could get away with this kind of a security risk anyway, but it’s fun to consider.

  • that guy was talking ridiculously fast when he explained how to do it. and i had the same thought, what if someone wants to use the power socket.

  • Tim

    The only way to get around someone using the socket is to put it where it can’t easily be found and fill up the socket holes so a plug won’t go in. Or, put it in your office where access to it is limited, but, for me, that kinda defeats the purpose.

  • here’s a thought man. it has helped us out alot around here. we had all of the “main” doors keyed together. all of the closets I need to get into i can get into with my door key. all of our full-time staff have “master” keys that will only let staff into our offices but yet that key since it’s the “master” will work in any lock.

    I don’t know if this makes sense but instead of having 8 or church keys I have 3. It’s so much nicer.

  • Tim

    @ Jeremy! Woah, you must be a giant! Or at least have lots of ladders on hand.

  • Short ceilings or really really tall senior high kids help!

  • Tim

    lol! Nice. :)

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