How to paint a slick lookin’ youth room mural

Youth group muralI’m not really an expert painter, home designer, or fashion statement by any stretch of the imagination, but fortunately one of my youth leaders is. This Sunday marks the beginning to a whole new youth room look that she’s been pioneering, a renovation extravaganda! I’ll post pictures here before and after to show the progress.

On Facebook, my fellow youth pastor friend, Ben Kraker, posted several pictures of the new paint job he’s sporting in his church’s youth room and man, it’s nice! At first I thought he had it professionally painted, but then in the picture above he revealed his secret: he printed a logo and text onto a transparency and put it on the wall with an overhead projector. How creative is that?! Who knew overhead projectors were still around and even used for anything?

Posted on January 5, 2007

  • Thanks for the props :)

    I’ll be posting pics of the before & after on my blog as well, once I get that up again. Everything is being worked on around here it seems like!

    Thanks again for the positive feedback. Overhead projectors are AWESOME!

  • Tim

    lol! Didn’t overheads go out with the eight-tracks? :P

  • The only thing that we use the projector for his murals. They do work great.

  • Murals are really the only things over head projectors are good for. I know that’s all we use them for. And now that we have our new portable projector I’m sure that will get used for murals as well.

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