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Woo hoo! I was a long time subscriber to Rhapsody’s music service until last night. My wife and I are getting serious about eliminating all debt, so we’ve canceled a lot of services like TV, gym membership and Rhapsody. But then this morning I finally received my invitation to join the beta of! I’ve been waiting over a year for this and it came at the perfect time.

SpiralFrog is a legal alternative to pirate file-sharing sites, providing a comprehensive listing of artist information, over 700,000 songs to download at no cost – with more added weekly – videos and music discovery tools.

They’re able to provide FREE legal music downloads because of the support from advertisers, so I was kinda expecting to hear 10-second ads at the beginning or end of each track, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that wasn’t the case. Instead, it looks like they ask you fill out a survey and check out some advertisers every 30 days in order to continue your service and renew the DRM licenses on your downloaded media. Granted, SpiralFrog’s music library is considerably smaller than Rhapsody’s, but SprialFrog’s press releases shows agreements made with most of the top record labels in the industry, so given some time SpiralFrog might catch up.

Unfortunately, SpiralFrog didn’t give me any free invitations to pass out. If you want to join the free legal music downloading service, you’ll have to sign up at and wait in queue for your invitation email to show up.

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Posted on August 4, 2007

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  • SpiralFrog's PR flack here… Glad to hear you're enjoying SpiralFrog! A few things to point out though, first is that you are right about the music library, we are dealing with scalability issues right now, but more music is being added everyday. Just to let everyone in Canada know, SpiralFrog is now in a public beta mode, so no invite is needed to create a free account when logging in from a Canadian IP. For those in America though, summiting your email address on the Web site will be the fastest way to get access to the closed U.S. beta in the next few months.

  • Tim

    Hey Sean, thanks for stopping by and giving us the update. I know I have some Canadian readers, so they'll be glad to hear about the open beta. I'm enjoying the service so far, but I'll be glad when music is available by artists I actually listen to. A lot of it is listed, just no music is available.

    And thanks for not making the advertising so annoying that it makes me want to ditch the service. I was expecting ads in the media downloads or be required to watch a video ad before downloading each song, but so far it's been a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work.

  • I can’t wait for this service, but it would be nice if there was a way (before you’re in beta) to see a list of all artists that have music or just to be able to browse music (I understand that this is half the beta, so that’s probably not possible, but a list wouldn’t be to hard)

    – Leif



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