I fit in the 20-somethings view of spirituality

Topic / Culture, Worship

The Catalyst Blog summarized “Spirituality for 20-somethings” and, being 26 years old myself, it seems to fit me pretty well.

  • They don’t like attending traditional worship.
  • They shy away from labels.
  • They identify with no specific religion or, if Christian, call themselves non-denominational.
  • They demonstrate overwhelming belief in God.
  • They show interest in how spiritual matters relate to their lives and their world.
  • Many reject dogma and large institutions, instead preferring personal and convenient ways to find answers.
  • They send prayer e-mail, look for love online, join smaller ministry groups.
  • They fuel an industry of spiritually inspired books, movies and music.

I can identify with pretty much everything on that list, except I wouldn’t say that I don’t like attending traditional worship because sometimes I do. Rather, I would say I usually prefer modern formats of worship, but still have an appreciation for traditional styles.

Posted on November 10, 2006

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