Ideas for your church website

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Every couple weeks I get an email from someone asking me to check out their new church website. Most of the time they only want to show it off and receive a pat on the back for their hard work, but sometimes they ask for feedback, too. I’m certainly no church web-design expert, but I put together a list of what I think should encompass a good church website, not that a site should overwhelm visitors with everything on this list, but that this be a reference point for new ideas. If you’d like to evaluate your church’s website, here’s a tool to help you do so (found via

What the website should do:

  • Welcome and attract new visitors
  • Be a tool for members to invite others
  • Communication vehicle for current members
  • Get people involved in ministry
  • Be a 24/7 info resource about our church
  • Be a center of spiritual resources for members throughout the week
  • Interact with members throughout the week about spiritual and life issues
  • Share the gospel with seekers
  • Be graphically and visually stimulating (good design = perceived credibility)


  • Potential visitors between 18-45 years old (primary)
  • Regular attenders between 18-45 years old (secondary)

Possible information:

  • Service times
  • Driving directions/map
  • Building floor-plan
  • Nursery/childcare info
  • Staff directory
  • Info about the church
  • What we believe
  • Gospel presentation
  • What to expect (visitors)
  • Current ministry opportunities
  • Current news
  • FAQs
  • Calendar
  • Newsletters (email and print)
  • Weekly bulletins
  • Contact form
  • Denominational news
  • Missionary updates


  • Sermon podcasts (video/audio)
  • Sermon archives
  • Sermon transcripts
  • File and document sharing/downloads
  • Event promotional tools (e-invites, postcards, flyers)
  • Photo galleries


  • Pastor, director and missionary blogs (sermon teasers, additional sermon thoughts, family discussion questions, etc.)
  • Small group discussions
  • Scripture reading lists
  • “Ask the pastor”
  • Share prayer requests
  • Testimonies
  • Sermon Q&A
  • Polls/surveys


  • Online giving
  • Online registration for events/classes
  • Volunteer screening process

Posted on February 14, 2008

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