Internet tools I use in ministry (5 of 6):

I’ve been using for a couple years now for my parent ministry newsletter. Every month they provide an customizable newsletter full of great content, insights and resources for parents. You can add your own logo, write your own columns if you want or use their default content, which is usually pretty excellent. Each newsletter also includes a calendar where you can post scheduled events and meetings. When you’re finished, they give you several ways to save and distribute your newsletter: PDF, HTML or Word document. Personally, I archive a PDF version on our youth group website, print out several copies on 11×17 paper for our youth display at church, and then distribute the HTML version by email (I import the HTML newsletter file into an email that retains the layout and all formatting).

  • Complete: A ready-to-print, monthly newsletter
  • Flexible: Customize 2 articles, calendar and more
  • Relevant: Biblical-based content, 7-12th grade topics
  • Affordable: $99 per year (that’s only $8.25 a month)

Each month covers a different topic. Some recent topics are:

  • Teaching your teens to manage their time
  • Encouraging your teen’s talents
  • The disconnect of integrity
  • Helping your teens find THE answer
  • Joining the fight against poverty
  • Teaching teens that words matter

To take a tour and find out more information, go to

Posted on November 15, 2007

  • tombilderback

    Hey Tim,
    I have used this for the last year and its very untech friendly and easy to use. My parents like it but said too much for calendar so easy enough I just keep what I think is applicable and delete the rest. A great tool for the money. p.s. is your brain still swolen from St. Louis

  • Hey tim,

    where are your permalink and trackback url’s for your posts

    I try to refrence some stuff you write but have no trackback links that I can find. Can you help me???
    Also, I used to work where your brother Dan (I think that’s his name) works. Hope he likes it, the people are wonderful.

  • I love Parent Link – it saves me much, much time!

  • Hey Jose, you’re right! I forgot to include a trackback link in this new theme. I just added, though. It’s at the top of every page next to the post date. The permalink is the post title. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Hey, Dan loves Treehouse and the ministry there. His blog is in case you’re interested.

  • What type of RSS feed do you use here, because i can’t seem to get it working with my reader… :( hopefully I’ll figure it out because I like this place!

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