Last day as 24-years old

I just wanna say that I appreciate Laura and her friendship over the past 18 years or so. Exactly 13 years ago from today they moved here to Texas, the day before I turned 12 years old. I remember being pretty upset that day at Lake Galena. It’s crazy how despite the distance for all those years that we’re still close friends. And who would’ve thought that out of all the places in the country I’d eventually move to Texas myself and live in their same general area? Craziness. And now she gets to participate a little in David and Adrienne’s wedding next weekend, which is cool too.

Today Laura took me out to lunch for my birthday and then I hung out at their house for a little bit working on Laura’s computer, which is kinda strugglin’. :P I may work on it some more next weekend at the hotel or on Monday after everyone flies home.

Then I headed up to Carrollton to a family’s house from church to work on their home network a little. After I removed almost 500 spyware registry entries :shock: it seemed to work a lot better, but there’s also like 13 viruses I need to clean off sometime. I’m thinkin’ it’ll just be simpler to re-install windows. :roll: After that I can start addressing their network issues. ;)

Man, I spent 2.5 hours at 24-Hour Fitness tonight! Phillip and I met up there and started with a cardio workout on the bike for 30 minutes. Then went to our semi-normal strength training workout. By the time I showered and was out the door it was like 9:00. Now I’m home and really should be finishing up my lesson for Sunday School in the morning and getting my bedroom set ready for David and Adrienne to pick up tomorrow, but instead I’m on here. Oh well. Guess I’ll go do that now…

Posted on June 25, 2005

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