• http://davemiers.com davemiers

    appreciate this post.
    #4 is timely… thanks.

    • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

      You're welcome!

  • Vaugen

    Hi.. I'm from Indonesia as Youth Pastor… I hope I can get any tools set for student at senior high and junior high..

  • http://informalthumbsup.com Dave

    Thanks for this post Tim! I love your perspective going from a paid youth leader to a volunteer one. As volunteer youth leader turned full time youth pastor a year and a half ago, I feel like I've already lost some of the insight I had regarding the volunteer youth leader. The idea to rotate those with specific giftings is very insightful!

  • http://joshrobinson.cc josh_robinson

    Great insights Tim. I appreciate your helpful posts!

  • R Wayne Craft

    i agree with this post 100%. i have been a youth volunteer for 4 years now, and definitely can see all 4 points you have made. Now as i am transitioning into a part time paid position at a new campus we are opening, i am having a greater difficulty connecting to students and potential volunteers. i have told my wife frequently it is obvious the perception students and parents and others have of me has changed. not in a bad way, but there is something to be said for a fired-up youth volunteer who has nothing to gain from his time spent with youth other than to see souls saved. i have been very excited to serve, and will continue to be excited with this new opportunity God has presented me with.

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