Freebie Friday #81: Adult youth worker volunteer application packet

Free youth ministry resources every FridayKevin Twombly, youth pastor at Grace Capital Church in Pembroke, NH, contributes today’s Freebie Friday. It’s his youth ministry’s volunteer application packet and info packet. He says, “Seeing how others handle communicating the needs they have for volunteers has been helpful to me to solidify our approach. Here is our info pack as well as the application that we use for potential volunteers.”

The packet that I use is very similar to Kevin’s. I made it available about a year ago for Freebie Friday #36. Between the two of them, you should be able to make a pretty solid screening process and introduction process for adults to enter your youth ministry.

Impact Info Packet
Impact Volunteer Application

Be sure to stop by Kevin’s blog and say thanks!

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Posted on July 11, 2008

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  • Chris

    Hey I have got a question…did you get heat for goin to this format of volunteers applying….I have gotten quite a bit of heat for asking volunteers to do this by parents and elders…(don’t know if I will survive to be honest)…they were pretty peeved about me asking for background checks….and yes I did give a copies to all of the elders and my senior pastor and asked for their input before presenting it to the congregation…and they admitted that they did not read it closely.

  • @ Chris: My church actually requires a background check, being active in the church 6 months before having access to children or teens, an interview, and an application, so my process is totally in-line with everything we already require, plus a couple extra stuff. If your church is against this, you need to have a good hard talk with your sr. pastor and show why this is so important. If you can’t pull it off, then I guess you’ll have to do as much as you can and pray like crazy that the Lord protects your kids and ministry. I’m surprised your church’s insurance company doesn’t require background checks and a screening process. Ours does.

  • Chris

    I have talked with my Sr. Pastor he seems to be in favor of this…I did find out some major history…they had an insurance that was goin to start requiring background checks and they switched companies…the company they have now only suggests it…yeah this thing has been a nightmare that I never would have foreseen it being…i am meeting with the leadership on Sunday about it

  • @Chris – being blunt and very honest. I wouldn’t allow an adult to work with our youth if they didn’t have a background check done. If they have something to hide you probably don’t want them as a leader. We owe it to the youth that we serve and lead to ensure that they are in a safe environment. The safety of youth needs to be one of our top priorities.

    I agree completely with Tim. Have a talk with your Sr. Pastor about this concern for safety and the desire to have background checks done on your leaders. One point I would make – prayer doesn’t always keep our kids away from those who can work the system to gain contact with young people.

  • Dave

    I learned my lesson lately about background checks. We are suppose to run them on all of our volunteers, but sometimes I think it’s a waste of time. I want to trust people. Well I found out last week that a college student that has been working with our teens for a year has a sexual conviction in his past. Imagine how excited my Sr. Pastor (who has two teenage girls in the youth group) was to find that out. Lesson learned. No volunteer gets close to teens without a background check. You can never be too safe these days. I can’t even remember how many times I have seen a local news cast of neighbors and friend’s saying “he was the last guy we ever would have suspected would do that”.

  • @ Dave: I’ve been in 2 churches that had a youth worker taken to court over sexual misconduct with the church’s teens. Fortunately, I wasn’t the youth pastor in either case (intern at one, though), but I still felt the tension. Background checks are a must.

  • Chris

    Just and update…I had a meeting with my youth deacons and youth elder and they are supportive of doing background checks..the issue parents had was how they were not communicated to before the policy went in place (my fault).

  • @ Chris: Oh… shouldn’t the parents just be happy that this policy went in place to protect their kids? I’m not sure why it would make them upset, but regardless, over-communication with parents is always good idea.

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