Major overhaul at

New theme screenshotNew Theme
Over the weekend I put a lot of work into overhauling The previous theme was giving me errors and making WordPress upgrades a royal pain in the butt. Besides, it was way too generic. This new one is more of an e-zine style, which I know is becoming more and more popular for blogs and yes, I shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon.

If any of you guys ever want some help with custom WordPress designs, check out Michael Castilla of Michael is actually a high school student who loves to do free lance design for WP and he’s really quite good at it. He’s a very flexible guy, has great design ideas and definitely knows what he’s talking about. Contact him through his website.

New Tagline, too
While working on setting up the new theme, I realized that this blog also needs a new tagline. The thoughts of someone passionate for America’s teenagers doesn’t reflect all the interaction, questions, and feedback that this site revolves around. You guys have set the tone, topics and issues even more than I have. It actually feels more like an ongoing dialog, which is why the new tagline is, Conversations among those passionate for America’s teenagers. It’s not just about me and what I think anymore — it’s about you all and our thoughts and insights into youth ministry together. I look forward to all the conversations yet to come.

Posted on November 11, 2007

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