Subscribe no longer exists, kinda… is now Back in 2005 I registered and setup WordPress because I was bored one night. I had no intentions of creating the site that this has become. If I could go back and do it over again, I would do a lot of things very differently, one of which would be to use almost any domain other than As Life In Student Ministry becomes more and more oriented around the youth ministry conversations that take place here by people like you (i.e. LIVE YM Talk, mentorship program, guest posts, Freebie Friday contributions,, etc.), I felt strongly that I should move the branding away from myself. This will also open up many doors and possibilities that were previously not available to me, and thus neither to you.

So, please welcome the new domain… *drum roll*…!

I eluded to this domain change in my earlier Gifts from YS, Interlinc, and Simply Youth Ministry post. Switching my site to is the first phase in a long (expensive!) vision for this site, hence the fundraiser. Thanks to your contributions and gifts, this first step is complete. If you missed out on the fundraiser post when it was originally posted, there’s still time to contribute to the next step and get your thank-you gifts.

The next step is a new design and branding for that will allow me to work more easily with the board members of some ministry partners, thereby enhancing the Youth Ministry Mentorship, the reach of LIVE Youth Ministry Talk, snag high-quality Freebie Fridays, and a lot more.

So, although the domain is retired for a year or so (until I resurrect it for some unrelated personal use), Life In Student Ministry is growing and has some exciting potential in the future, all for the sake of bringing glory to God by blessing His youth workers.


If you find broken links around the site, please let me know so I can update them. But more importantly, if you have previously linked to on a website, either in a blog post, sidebar, or whatever, could you please update your site to link to instead? Please and thank you!

Posted on August 3, 2009

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