My blog is officially transfered

Sever rackA couple days ago I announced that I was planning to migrate my blog to virtual private server. It took me Friday night and all day Saturday and it’s done. Administering a VPS is a much higher learning curve than I thought, but it’s worth it.

Thanks to the two people who generously donated through the PayPal link posted on my a previous blog post to help cover some of my hosting expenses. It’s so unbelievable encouraging to know that some people out there believe in this site and benefit from it enough to feel compelled to help support it financially. God bless you guys! For those still thinking about contributing, check out the “ChipIn” widget in my sidebar.

GravatarIn the transition, I added Gravatars to my comments section to make it a little more personalized. Sign up for a free Gravatar account, add a picture and whenever you post a comment here using the email address you registered at Gravatar, your picture will appear in the comment. Cool, huh? Check out any blog post here with comments to see an example. Gravatars are quickly making their way to blogs all over the Internet, so you’ll probably want an account soon anyway.

Posted on June 4, 2007

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