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Epipheo StudiosAfter 13 years of vocational youth ministry and 15 months of letting my entrepreneurial streak run loose, the Lord seems to be combining all the skills and passions I’ve developed through those experiences into the position I recently accepted at Epipheo Studios. It was definitely a challenging decision to make not only because several other attractive opportunities presented themselves around the same time as Epipheo did, but because it’s the first full-time non-church ministry job I’ve ever had. All I know is “church world.”

There are many reasons why I chose to accept the Creative Strategist position at Epipheo Studios instead of a church youth ministry position somewhere, which I’ll share tomorrow. On Thursday I’ll share some of my plans for Life In Student Ministry going forward, as well.

In the meantime, most of you guys know my wife and I are both very active on YouTube, so we made a little vlog of my conversation with the CEO of Epipheo Studios when I accepted the position last Friday. Feel free to eavesdrop on our conversation and hear a bit of our hearts for me in this position.

After I fulfill some speaking engagements on the east coast and we spend some time with my wife’s family in Texas we’ll be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, to work at Epipho’s office. In the meantime, I’ll be working for them remotely with some travel between their Portland, OR, and Cincinnati offices.

Chances are good that you haven’t heard of Epipheo Studios (I hadn’t until they contacted me), but if you do anything on the web you’ve most likely seen some of their videos without knowing they made it. That was certainly true for me. Some of their clients include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Mashable, TV Guide, Microsoft, McAfee, AOL, and hundreds more, so if you’ve seen some of their animated videos, you may have seen Epipheo’s work.

Here’s a fun, short little video by Epipheo that explains more of what they do.

Epipheo’s slogan is, “Revealing truth in a way that changes lives.” That’s primarily been focused on communicating their clients’ stories, but all the guys who own and run the company are strong believers who want to do more to share God’s story. I’m excited to join them in turning the “truth” in their slogan into a capital T.

Posted on February 7, 2012

  • Zach Jeremy

    Congrats Tim!!! Really cool. I think you are going to kill it. One question….. is that a droid you are rocking?

  • Pastordave

    Congrats! Welcome (soon) to the Buckeye State! Moved here 15 years ago from Silicon Valley. I think you’ll love it here. Cincinnati is a really nice area. I wish I lived a little closer to there (2 hours away). There is SO MUCH to do in that area.

    • That’s great to hear! I’ve only been there once for a brief visit to Epipheo about a week and a half ago. My wife has never been there. Maybe you should come show us around sometime!

  • But do they let you wear hats to work?

    Congrats on the new adventure, I’m looking forward to hearing more and more about it over the next months!

    • Of course they let us wear hats. I wouldn’t have taken the job if they didn’t! haha

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