NYWC 2007 St. Louis: Back home again

Topic / Training

Greg, Tim and DanaDana and I got up early this morning to meet with Greg Stier, despite being up late at the Comedy Club last night. It was encouraging to hear the depth of Greg’s heart for lost souls and his passion for theology, especially relating to Soteriology. It seems like so many of today’s Christian speakers are high on motivation and low on accurate theology. Greg has both. (Dana and I accidentally left the camera batteries in our hotel room, so this pic is from Greg’s cell phone. Doh!)

Originally Dana and I decided to leave right after the last general session, but we were both really tired and wanted to get home early enough to get a good night’s rest. She has to go to work in the morning and I need to set up for the Teen Internet Workshop for Parents, so after meeting Greg, we packed up and came straight home. Eleven hours later, here we are. Hopefully I’ll have pictures and video clips from the NYWC online for you all within the next couple days.

Posted on November 5, 2007

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