Building community with teens online to enhance community at youth group [podcast]

Yesterday in our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation Adam McLane, Online Community-meister guy for Youth Specialties, talked with us about using online teen hangouts for our advantage in enhancing community at youth group. Not only did he give a lot of helpful insights and ideas for how these tools work in youth ministry, but many resources were recommended by the participants, both in the conversations and in the chat, for other ideas and ways to communicate and interact with teeangers online.

Plus, Adam offered a 30% discount on anything in the Youth Specialties store for LIVE YM Talk participants and podcast listeners. Listen to the recording to find out how to take advantage of that special offer, valid for one week only.

Listen to the whole conversation below or grab it in iTunes.

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Next Topic: Dealing with the demands of extra-curricular activities and how it effects our youth ministries

October 3rd: Brian Ford recently wrote a blog post that circulated to several youth ministry sites called, Are high school sports interfering with teens growing deep? He’ll be our featured guest next week to talk about the frustration we all have with teenagers: sports, jobs and almost anything else being a higher priority than youth group.

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Posted on September 27, 2008

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