Podcast: Getting parents involved in the spiritual lives of their teenagers

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Today we had a great LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation about getting parents involved in the spiritual lives of their teenagers. Many of you requested that I record it due to your absence, so here it is! You can find the recording below.

In summary, here’s some things we talked about:

  • Giving talk-sheets to parents after each youth group lesson so they can continue the discussion at home.
  • Using monthly newsletters.
  • Why we don’t use scare tactics and statistics about teens.
  • Parent meetings/book clubs/small groups/classes/forums.
  • Using parents as youth volunteers.
  • Open house parent dinners.
  • And a whole lot more.

I apologize for the poor audio quality. Technology never quite seems to work right. Ugh! One of these days it’ll work the way it’s supposed to… I hope.

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Next Topic: Problems with youth group as a “minichurch”

Youth groups often have their own worship services, their own “sermons,” their own worship bands, everything “big church” has, but tweaked for youth. It’s almost like there’s a minichurch inside the larger church. What affect does this have on a teenager’s perspective of what church is all about and their role in it? What’s happening to our churches as a result? Is there a better approach we should take? Come talk about it with us!

Upcoming Schedule

The schedule and topics are maintained on our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversations page, but here’s a glance at what’s coming up.

  • August 15: No conversation.
  • August 22: Problems with youth group as a “minichurch.”
  • August 29: No conversation.
  • September 5: Evaluating the spiritual depth of our youth ministries.
  • September 12: Working with students who suffer from depression and eating disorders (special guest, TBA).

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Posted on August 8, 2008

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