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“Our father, God, Allah, we thank you for this moment in time. Bless Kanye, bless his album, take over his album and take it to the highest place possible . . . In the name of Jesus, in the name of Allah and the spirit of our inner essence. Amen.�
– Prayer by rapper Common prior to a Kanye West concert, Blender, September 2005, p. 126.

lol! Who’s he praying to? If he actually had any idea about the “gods” he’s praying to he’d know that his prayer is one of the most rediculous ideas out there. Here’s a guy who I guess trying to please a lot of people but in doing so proves his total ignorance of who God is, Allah, and whatever “inner essence” is. These concepts are all completely opposed and contradictory to each other. He might as well pray to the gods of oil, water, and gravy.

“My body was made for sin.�
– Singer/actress Jessica Simpson, Blender, September 2005, p. 46.

Jessica is going downhill fast. Whats’ the deal with her? She used to be the last female pop artist that held some kind of morals, but after her sexually-charged appearance in Dukes of Hazzard and a statement like this, I start wondering where her morals went. When asked about her role in the film, she says that God put her here on this earth to make people happy. “If showing clevage makes people happy, then that’s what I need to do. Besides, I work d*** hard for my body so I’m gonna show it.” She’s lost my respect.

Furthermore, The Parents Television Council examined 136 shows on MTV over a six month period and discovered there were 1,480 instances of swear words (938 bleeped and 542 non-bleeped) in the 71 hours of programming studied. The PTC also reports that 73% and 78% of 12-19 year-old watch MTV. That’s more than a swear word every 3 minutes! Plus, the network’s intentional agenda of promoting casual relationships, meaningless sexuality, and selfish “do what feels good” mesasges should make a Christian reconsider if anything positive could come out of consuming it’s programs.

On the other hand, the Christian band Relient K is making the charts in the mainstream market. Their music video of Be My Escape from their latest album made it into the top 10 on MTV’s TRL. The band even performed the song live on TRL on August 16, 2005. Watch the video on MTV’s site by clicking HERE.

Posted on August 25, 2005

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