Preaching this Sunday… what should I do?

Hmm… Our interim pastor just called me and said that the guest speaker for Sunday had to cancel due to some scheduling conflicts and asked if I’d be willing to take over the pulpit. I don’t mind helping out, but I don’t really have a ready-to-go game-plan in mind either. Since I’m not really an auditory learner myself, I’d like to do something out of the ordinary that’s maybe a little interactive (kinesthetic). Plus, it’s a very full service so I only have about 20 minutes or so. Hmm… Any ideas?


Posted on November 28, 2006

  • Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. I hope you don't mis-understand what I was trying to say. I completely agree with you that having any sort of qualification does not mean you are qualified in that area for life. We should always be striving to learn, move on and develop. My point mainly was, that as a freshly qualified, just started in my post youth worker I can see the benefits of having the JNC qualification which isn't always held by church based youth workers. My post is very much in response to a particular article so this may be where the confusion has come in. As I said though, thanks for your post…it's good to think these things through.

  • maybe pick a youth who you know “get’s it” and use the sermon has a time of encourgement for the congergation, interview the youth in the middle of your sermon, maybe a couple of youth

    . subjects like how to be a christian in the real world, maybe use a clip from a movie ( reel) get it.

    Send an email to your youth, asking what think you should preach on, maybe several wlll help you and they love hanging out with yo

  • Ruth Strong

    I have a youth service coming up where we're looking to do something different for the "sermon" so we're leading a time of reflection and lectio divina using Maggie Robbins book "Enjoy the Silence"… so it does require listening but also has a response and more interactive feel to it.

    Hope it helps

  • Tim

    Thanks for the ideas guys! Last night I had dinner with a student in my youth ministry and he was full of great suggestions. I'll let ya know what we end up doing.

  • Tim

    Turns out that the superintendent of our conference (mid-south Evangelical Covenant) is going to be in town this weekend, so the interim pastor called me and said he’s excited to fill-in this Sunday instead. Sounds good to me. I’ll save my thoughts for a later time.

  • Mark

    Hi Tim, I am a youth minister at Agape Faith Church in Anderson Sc.and I am always Looking for new ways to lead people to a more productive and prosperous walk in Christ. I saw your post looking for something to preach on and the first thing that came to mind that is a really hard hitting lesson is one That deals with Abraham when he went to the mount to sacrifice Issac. There are many lessons that can come from this story. I try to never just tell a story but get into the principles behind the story .I believe this is what God wants us to learn in the Bible stories and this is why we start learning them at such a young age in toddler rooms at church. Not being off my subject I’ll get back to Abe and Issac. One path to take is the trust Issac had in his father and how he must have learned Faith from his Father being obedient to God .He was not a child but a teenager old enough to fight back. Or you could get into the possabilities about the conversation between Abe and Issac how this could have gone .Abe must have convinced Issac that God would raise him back up if he Killed him. He knew that the sacrifice ALWAYS carried the wood to build the fire with. He had to be suspicious because he asked ? I see the wood ,I see the knive , I see thr fire but where is the sacrifice? Abraham replied God will provide “Himself” , “A LAMB” for the sacrifice . My God! is this just rhama for me? but was this not prophetical of the coming of Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins . GOD PROVIDING HIMSELF “as”A LAMB FOR SACRIFICE. BUt htere are several messages to be obtained from the meeting at Jehova JIREH. Abraham was fully convinced that God would raise Issac back to life because he believed God in telliing him what would come from the seed of Issac.It was even accerdited by God that Abraham DID kill Issac because in his mind he had already done it when The Angel of the Lord stopped him with knife in midaire.This is the same principle as if a man looks upon a woman with lust in his heart he is accredited in heaven as guilty of adultry. Or If you have hatred in your heart towards someone you are considered guilty of murder . Principles , Principles ,please when you get behind the pulpit try to teach the principles behind the stories .Anything less is just a grown up version of sunday school. Hope I have been a help. Praise God and may his best and blessings be upon you and the ministry you represent .

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