• http://www.forkintheroadmusic.org russell martin

    I think every Sunday should be youth sunday and have them involved as much as possible. But as a youth director for many years we did youth led morning worship services. We have used those who can play instruments as music for preludes and offering, had youth create videos, use youth in skits and plays, have them in various roles of reading scripture and liturgy. They ran technical equiptment for sound and screens, (which for us now is mostly youth anyway). We have even had some great messages from the youth. My encouragement though is even if you have one Sunday designated as “Youth Sunday” use that as a launching point for those youth to become more involved in the worship ministries of the church on a regular basis.

  • http://jeremyzach.wordpress.com/ jeremy z

    i couldn’t agree with you more. however i think establishing youth sunday is a great kick start to getting kids more involved on a week to week basis.

    i actually have developed a five year plan on how to get kids assimilate into BIG church. i think having a youth sunday will make our adults aware of the student’s capabilities.

  • GiGi

    Agreed. We haven’t had a youth Sunday since I’ve been here, but when I was an episcopal youth (1997-2002) we had Youth Sunday and it was pretty simple as to what the youth did:
    1 or 2 did the sermon (perhaps with intro and closure done by youth leader)
    chalice bearers
    readers/prayers of the people
    pretty much everything that could be done by non-clergy

    It was really neat, and they all wore street clothes instead of dressing up or wearing robes. Youth could do music with a band or at least choose the hymns. Let them design the service. Re-write the prayers that they say every week so that it’s meaningful and relevant to them. Just a thought!

  • http://www.florencechurch.com Ahren Cahoon

    Last month I decided to let our congregation in on our of our Youth Groups meetings called Fusion, on a Sunday morning. We began by decorating the Celebration Center with our Fusion banners, and video components. We tweaked the traditional Meet & Greet with a get to know you mixer. Students who are normally a part of the worship team, lead w/ our Worship Pastor. We even used a video series our students created for Fusion on Sunday (Youtube – Jesus Cops)
    Then in the message time, I shared a message that was more to the flavor of they way I deliver to students, including solid Bible teaching, life illustrations, and object lessons. Geared to teach and challenge adults, but with the rhythm of a Fusion message.
    The Sunday was well revieved and appreciated by a large majority who are not there for our youth group meetings.

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