Questions regarding youth ministry

God’s been placing a new vision and direction on my heart for my youth ministry, although exactly what that is has been somewhat illusive and indefinable. I have some ideas, but none are nicely organized yet. Thankfully there are other people in youth ministry who have helped develop what I have so far, but it still lacks a sense of cohesion. Your input is greatly appreciated.

— What does it mean to “raise the bar” for our students? Are we asking too little of them?

— How do we develop a passion and commitment to live counter-culture?

— Life is not all about the pursuit of fun and pleasure, an unending pursuit that never satisfies. Rather, life is about spiritual hunger, an unending pursuit that should always grow stronger.

— Youth group needs to be more emotional.

— As leaders, how can we reframe our roles in students lives to do more spiritual discovery WITH students and less FOR students?

— We need to totally re-think Sunday school, Wednesday nights, and other programming. These are only tools to accomplish/promote an end result. Are they as effective as they can be? Probably not.

— How do we approach the “Jesus as an accessory” mindset?

— Are students taking ownership of their youth group? How so/why not?

Posted on March 30, 2006

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