Quotes from “Accidential Youth Leader”

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I’ve never heard of the book Accidential Youth Leader, but Marshall posted some good quotes from it.

– Young people are purpose-built by God to shake the status-quo of the previous generation.

– When God went looking for a king, He went looking for a young person.

– There are only 2 reasons you go to school – to eat lunch and to talk about Jesus.

– Position doesn’t give you the right to speak into someone’s life – relationship does.

– The youth leader/pastor who does not honour and serve their senior pastor is a fool.

Characteristics of great team members:
– GTMs (great team members ) are able to bring a touch of God

– GTMs know how to succeed

– GTMs are able to fit in the house

– GTMs attract the favour of people

– GTMs are able to see the bigger picture

– GTMs are able to instinctively recognise & respect boundaries

– GTMs are willing to serve God’s person

– GTMs are able to look good (what r u reflecting?)

– GTMs can see dreams

– GTMs can interpret dreams

Posted on March 8, 2006

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