Round 2: Vote for the LISM book cover

About a month ago you guys voted on a book cover image for my upcoming book, “Life In Student MInistry: Practical conversations on thriving in youth ministry,” due out from Youth Specialties/Zondervan in February 2011. You gave a lot of helpful feedback surrounding the conversational tone of the book and how the cover should resemble that. Based on that feedback, Zondervan drew up a couple other options for the book cover, which you can see and vote on below. One of these covers will be the final cover.

My opinion

I think the third cover with the frisbee is the strongest option. The concept attempts to call attention to a loved pastime of many youth leaders and youth (or maybe just me?), Frisbee golf. The sport carries the implication of meaningful conversations and interactions youth leaders can have with each other and with teenagers while playing the game. The coffee options are strong covers, but coffee cups on a cover have been done before and might come across as expected or even cliche. (Plus, how sweet would it be to actually have those blue frisbees printed up?! Hmm…)

Your vote

The poll closes on Thursday at midnight, so you have the next couple days to share which cover you think fits the book the best. Remember, this book is not just my ideas and thoughts. It’s a collective work of over 100 other youth workers who have given a voice to much of my content, asking different questions, giving other perspectives, and adding better ideas. I want this book to have a conversational tone. Which cover best reflects that?

Scroll to the bottom to see the poll. Or, if you’re viewing this in an email, you can vote here.

Some people have read my book already. Check out the endorsements that have come in so far from some of them.

Cover #1

Book 1

Cover #2

Book 2

Cover #3

Book 3

Posted on October 25, 2010

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