“Schmorgesborg spirituality” increasing among teens in 2007

Schmorgesborg spiritualityIn continuing their series on teen trends for 2007, Ypulse reported this today:

#2- Major media production houses will follow the lead of Christian production companies and begin to include spiritual elements to their releases.
This is a generation that increasingly responds to faith based marketing like the Christian productions of Amazing Grace, Left Behind video games, etc. Sales and stats are showing a rising popularity among teens to explore spiritual themes. Companies and businesses are responding to this with a variety of options for this generation and in 2007; more movies, TV shows, and video games will be released with spiritual or faith based elements in them; specifically targeted to the teen audience.

#3- Teens will increasingly individualize their beliefs
This is a generation that embraces a “Starbucks” spirituality. Teens today are used to customizing every aspect of their life, so why wouldn’t this spill over into the area of spiritual beliefs? When forming their opinions about faith based matters, picture most 13-18 year olds ordering up a Grande Carmel-Kabbalah latte with a dash of Buddhism and a Hindu Krishna cookie on the side.

If this is true, I guess youth workers can continue to look forward to addressing the “schmorgesborg spirituality” that’s already bombarding this generation. Absolute truth will only become more relative. Wonderful. :|

Posted on January 9, 2007

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