Slow day at work

I’m kinda confused why today is so slow here at Dean’s today. Tomorrow starts their annual Transportation Summit, a big convention of senators, legislative officials, mayors, govenors, etc., that learn about and discuss issues and development in transportation. It’s a huge event with thousands of officials in attendance and it starts tomorrow and goes through Friday, but yet, while other people franticly tie up loose ends for the event, here I sit occasionally helping a person or two with something little. I’m not complaining — it’s just kinda weird.

I had a good weekend down in Katy. We didn’t do anything big or special, which was cool. It was a good time to just sit around and relax and play Uno, Halo 2, go swimming, stuff like that. Andrienne made a good lasagna dinner Friday night, which I’m actually eating for lunch today, too. (Thanks Adrienne!) ;) Oh, and an exclusive tip for anyone who needs to know: If you can’t find alka seltzer in an H.E.B. grocery store, just start yelling for help and then wait for a customer to pull it off the shelf right in front of you. :lol: Man, there are some special people in this world…

I spend all day yesterday working on a family’s computer from church. Their issue is usually a simple one to fix, but in their case it comes down to reinstalling Windows and possibly buying a new computer. They’re kinda bummed about that. I’ll probably be over there for a while again later this week going ahead with whatever option they choose to take out of the solutions I suggested.

My decision concerning a new apartment has yet to be decided, but I think I’m starting to swing in the direction of paying extra for the nicer place. I guess I’ll let you all know what happens… Now back to work I guess…

Posted on August 8, 2005

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