Some things work out better than expected

Life is so weird sometimes. Like, when you expect something to end in some terrible painful way but instead it ends on a mature understanding note? That’s pretty unusual. Although this situation still really hurts, I’m impressed with how a conclusion was reached with both parties honoring the other and reaching a mutual agreement in the end. Instead of conducting ourselves in a manner that rips open more wounds, we were able to share freely and come to the same decision together. Of course there is still a lot of hurt to work through, but our dignity is maintained and there is still high respect for the other party. The aftermath of the decision will take some time to sort through since it could potentially carry some pretty drastic consequences, but I trust the Lord will continue to guide there as He has so graciously done thus far.

In the words of Switchfoot, “The shadow proves the sunshine.”

Posted on October 3, 2005

  • Tim

    Coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Guess you'll have your baby by then. :)

  • Lynn

    Sorry to hear your sad but happy to hear your outcome, whatever it may be was ok. And remember, you can make it through anything b/c God will handle it… It’s that amazing? it’s awesome!

    BTW, When are you comming home?


  • Lynn

    Thank God YES… tonight actually… hey, i like the picture of you and your sister (i think) in a wedding.. it's cute!

  • Tim

    Yeah, Grace is my princess! :smile: She's not really a little girl anymore. she's almost in teenagehood! :???:

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