Slowing down my blogging pace for a couple weeks

Slowing down my blogging pace for a couple weeksI usually publish something every day except Sundays here at Life In Student Ministry, but over the next couple weeks I need to slow that down considerably. There’s a lot going on personally and in my ministry that needs extra attention for a while.

  • I’m writing a book that will be published sometime within the next couple months. It’s taking forever to do that while continuing to write here at the same time.
  • There’s lots of planning and vision casting that needs to be done for fall student ministry at my church.
  • My wife is due with our first child on August 7 and there’s still a lot of prep that needs to be done.
  • Some major changes are coming to this site within the next several weeks.

Throw in other things like my wedding anniversary and lots of late summer nights with youth group kids and it becomes difficult to maintain quality posts here every day. Something has to give for the time being. I’ll still keep the regular Time Outs, Freebie Fridays, and LIVE YM Talks going along other random posts here and there, but overall I’ll be slowing down a bit.

Dana and I would greatly appreciate it if you would remember to pray for us during this life transition stage with the baby coming, fall ministry approaching, and my side-projects of the book and a relaunch of Life In Student Ministry. Once the overhaul of this site takes place, I’m sure I’ll be back in the full swing of things here, especially with the Youth Ministry Mentorship gearing up for another round.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on personally for me and my wife over the next couple weeks, read her blog and follow both of our Twitter accounts (mine: rockinyp; hers: danadelynn).

Thanks for your prayers and support! Looking forward to serving you and your student ministry even better in a couple weeks from now.

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Posted on July 8, 2009

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