Teen girls can now airbrush their own pictures

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Teen airbrush their picturesBliss magazine, a UK teen publication, is offering an airbrush service for teen girls who want to doctor up their pictures. Either they pay a small fee via text message and have someone do it for them, or they download software with a free trial and do it themselves. What happened to the Dove commercial that was popular just a few months ago?

I wonder what sort of message this sends to our young, impressionable women.

(ht to Ypulse)

Posted on March 16, 2007

  • Its sad, but I bet it does well. (If it gets out to the teens). We all want to be something we are not and most people (at least most of the teens I work with) do not like how they look in a picture.

  • Sadly enough, they’re already doing it to an extreme point. I understand removing the pimple that makes you look like Cyclops, but to smooth out your skin that much is ridiculous.

    I have noticed more and more of my friends and the girls I minister to are taking to Photoshop and learning how to airbrush. It just goes to show you how important ministry to girls is.

  • Tim

    Ministry to girls is so critical. I bet if girls raised their standards for what they expect from guys and refused to tolerate anything less, guys everywhere would start shaping up. Unfortunately, I wish guys would just shape up anyway and bring the girls up with them.

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