The “Grand Opening” of the LISM store!

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LISM Store OpeningOver the past couple weeks I added a store to LISM that has been secured, tested, approved and is good to go for both desktop and mobile users! Woo hoo!

While there’s not much in the store at the moment, I set it up so I could use it to distribute some other future projects I’m working on. I’m currently writing a second book for a publisher, a free ebook, and working on some youth ministry tools I always wished I had that aren’t available anywhere, so I’m taking it upon myself to create them instead (and hoping to support myself and my family in the process, of course).

The main thing in the store is my first book, “Life In Student Ministry: Practical Conversations on Thriving in youth Ministry.” To celebrate the store’s “grand opening,” for a limited time, my Youth Specialties/ Zondervan book is 30% off! It’s now only $8.95! Since I get an authors discount when I order a case of my book in bulk, I can resell them cheaper than any retailer. In fact, I checked all online retailers who carry the book and I’m cheaper than any of them. Plus, I make approximately 250% more money on the book (seriously) when you buy directly from me, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Since the book is coming directly from me, I’m happy to autograph your copy of the book and write a note on it to you or to someone else if you’re planning to give it away as a gift. Just send me a note right after your purchase is complete to let me know.

Posted on June 20, 2011

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