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Weekly quiet times for the youth worker's soulSince the first Monday of January 2008, my dad, Jerry Schmoyer, has been the sole author of the weekly series, Time Out. He’s been doing an outstanding job with it! Two years later now, there’s a shift coming in the series.

The vision behind Time Out

The vision behind the Time Out series is to provide weekly reminders, challenges, and encouragement specifically for youth workers to spend personal time with the Lord in the midst of ministry. We all know it’s way too easy to become so focused on teaching God’s Word to teens that we fail to soak in God’s Word for own soul’s nourishment.

Combine that with my bigger vision for Life In Student Ministry to become more of a “conversation among youth workers” with many voices besides my own, it made sense to shift Time Out to a community-driven series rather than a single author series.

The first LISM Editor

Adam WormannOne of the Youth Ministry Mentors, Adam Wormann, offered to coordinate the series and has thus become the first of a future team of Life In Student Ministry Editors.

Adam has already begun to collect and edit Time Out contributions from other members of the Youth Ministry Mentorship Team. I’ve read some of them and you’re in for some excellent reminders and challenges in both your spiritual growth and ministry growth. However, we don’t want Time Out to be a mentor-driven series — we want YOU to write it for your follow youth workers.

How to become a Time Out contributor

  • Keep your Time Out devo to about 400-600 words total.
  • Include a scripture passage and a couple reflection/journal questions at the end.
  • Send it to Adam Wormann at
  • Optionally, if you include a brief bio (60 words or less) along with your blog/Twitter URL, we’ll be happy to include those in the footer of your post. Even if you don’t, you’ll still get full attribution for the content.

Feel free to submit as many Time Out devos as you’d like over any period of time.

There’s no monetary compensation, but for you youth ministry bloggers who are looking for some exposure, this could be a perfect opportunity to spread the word about your site while edifying the body of Christ.


If there are questions or comments about all this, Adam and I would love to hear them in the comments below! Also, you can follow Adam on Twitter.

Posted on May 17, 2010

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