This video reminds me why I’m in youth ministry

If this video doesn’t light a fire under you butt to impact teenagers for Christ, I don’t know what will.


(ht to Duke)

Posted on September 18, 2007

  • I just watched this video last night on X3’s podcast in my itunes. It is a good reminder of what teens are going through – and which can so easily go forgotten

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  • tombilderback

    Its so hard sometimes to know that students are going through something but they wont reveal it. They follow the act of adults. I just found out one of our Wednesday night greeters has split up with her husband. The Pastor nor I knew anything was wrong. Sadly I had to find out fromthe grapevine. Its sad many who attend church feel like we have to put on perfection (Sunday & Wednesday) when really we are all damaged and in need of help. Live and learn. tom

  • Tim

    @ tombilderback: Thanks for this reminder. I’m gonna contact my adults and just make sure they’re aware that they can always come to me and talk about their situations, too, as they do for students.

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