YouTube consumption, community and youth ministry [video]

In August I wrote a post about, “Why YouTube has replaced TV for me (and many teens).” With YouTube coming to the living room television set via Apple TV and Google TV and mobile video views rising exponentially on my own videos, online video consumption will only continue to increase.

As I mentioned in my post, one of the things I appreciate most about YouTube is the active community of people there. I love it! It’s easy to miss it if your YouTube engagement is limited to clicking the occasional video link that comes across Twitter or Facebook, but once you start keeping up with your YouTube channel subscriptions, participate in comments, and post video responses, a whole new world opens up that’s just awesome!

Below is a collaboration video I did with two other youth worker YouTubers, Ruth Elkin of Northern Ireland and Brett Hetherington of Pennsylvania. Together we talked about what we’re learning in youth ministry lately in a fun sorta way. (Watch for the bloopers at the end!)

We’d love to have you start engaging with the youth ministry YouTube community by using your YouTube account to post a video response to our video below. Share what you’ve been learning in youth ministry lately. Ruth explains how to do that in the video, so check it out.

Oh, and I recently acquired the “studentministry” YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to it for my future youth ministry videos.

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Posted on October 7, 2010

  • I use an occasional YouTube video clip to reinforce a message at youth group. But really with two young kids around our home, I rarely have the site up on my PC. So much crap there that I would never want my own kids exposed to. With the barrage of "related" videos and uncensored comment feeds, I just cringe at the content that our young people are exposed to. But it is the reality that we live in, isn't it?

    I will admit that I have not explored the channel subscriptions — does that allow greater control over the junk?

    At home, we use our DIrect TV DVR as a way to control what our family watches, which right now seems to be Phineas and Ferb at all times! Our kids hate watching "live" TV because they are so used to being able to fast forward thru commercials on the DVR.

    Our Directv contract ends in November, and were were looking at maybe just dropping it all together and finding a streaming or torrent solution.

    • Yeah, when you subscribe to a channel, their recent videos show up in your subscription box on YouTube, kinda like subscribing to blogs via RSS and seeing recent posts in your RSS reader. The related videos are still available on the side when viewing the video, but if there's a junk one there I just don't click on it. There's lot of junk blogs out there, too, that I avoid the same way.

      We don't have TV anymore either, but I don't miss it at all because I enjoy YouTube so much more. My little girl loves sitting on my lap and watching through my channel subscriptions with me.

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