Tie-Dye Wars…. almost

I’m having a little bit of an issue right now, so I thought if I write it out here maybe a solution will come to me.

I told the kids last week we’d do Tie-Dye Wars tomorrow at youth group. Basically everyone gets a white shirt and a water gun filled with dye. At my whistle all the kids run crazy squirting each other’s shirts with dye. When it’s over, we hang the shirts up on the fence to dry, go to small groups, and then pick ’em on the way out. Sounds like a simple, fun, chaotic game, right? The problem is that I can’t decide if we should use tie dye or food coloring. Tie dye will permanently stain the shirt, but it also instantly stains skin, including people’s faces! :lol: I bought masks for everyone and thought we’d cover the kid’s arms with trash bags, but that still leaves the neck and hair open. We could use shower caps for the hair and plastic wrap around the neck, but now the game is getting a little too expensive and complicated. Food coloring is another option because it won’t stain the skin as badly, but it’ll also wash out of a shirt. So now I’m stuck: do I just bundle everyone up in plastic and play the game anyway or do I scrap it and face a group of disappointed kids tomorrow? If I scrap it, what do I do with the 20 shirts and masks I just bought? We could make youth group shirts somehow, I guess, but I don’t have time before tomorrow to figure out what to do with our logo and everything… What to do… :(

Well, writing it out didn’t help me come up with a solution. Guess I’ll have to sleep on it and see if an ingenious idea comes to me. :idea: :-|

Posted on August 30, 2005

  • Tim

    I ended up using one of Becca’s suggestions and used Kool Aide instead of Tie Dye. I dumped different color containers of Kool Aide mix in big buckets and mixed in a little food coloring. It worked out really well! The color stains on the shirts aren’t really deep or bright or anything, but everyone had fun and that’s what matters. I actually ran out of shirts, water guns, and masks since we had a large number of students show up, so some of the leaders and I ended up giving our stuff to other kids instead. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! :cool:

    • casey

      I am thinking about doing this and one of the concerns was it staining the skin….was that a problem? You said you used masks? what kind did you use? Any tips you can give you be great!

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