Top 10 things you never want to hear from your youth pastor [video]

A couple weeks ago I posted my video, “You might be a youth worker if…” and, as promised, here’s a follow-up to that video, “Top 10 things you never want to hear from your youth pastor.” It was originally posted a couple years ago as a blog post asking you guys for your ideas, but I never officially published my favorite 10 submissions until now.

It was my first time working with a green screen, so you’ll have to be a bit forgiving of my “special effects.” lol

I’d love to hear what other ideas you guys have for “things you never want to hear from your youth pastor.” Post them in the comments below! Oh, and if you enjoy the video, consider sharing it online with others via Facebook and Twitter.

Watch the “Behind The Scenes” creation of this video and the “You might be a youth worker if…” video!

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Posted on September 20, 2010

  • I love the high pitched voice Tim at the end, is that video or helium affects?

    • That's my natural voice. I slowed down the rest of it to sound more manly.

      Actually, I just sped up the video a bit for that part, that's all.

  • Tyler

    Please stick to helpful blogs! These videos are BAD!

    • Sorry you don't like them, Tyler. They get a lot more views than any of the other videos I do, so it seems as if they're generally well received.

      Instead of just saying they're BAD, could you give some helpful input that would make them better? Thanks!

      • Matthew

        They’re good videos, yeah its amateur videos but hey we’re youth ministers not Steven Spielberg. I actually enjoyed the video, yeah maybe it’s not filled with in-depth youth ministry tips but we’ve all had a youth event game go bad. If not, pay attention to the video, # 7, #4, & #2. Also crowd surfing and moshing at Christians concert aren’t always a great idea, you may have to explain to a mother how their kid got a busted nose. Keep the video’s coming Tim, love them all.

  • Doing great Tim…keep it up. It's nice to have a little comic relief every now and then.

    • Thanks. I'm trying to figure out what to do for my next video now. Any ideas?

  • Matt Harding

    Thanks Tim, The videos were hilarious, yet at the same time very helpful. How about a video on youth lessons gone bad? That might be funny and very informative. Anyways man keep up the hard work. It's paying off. God bless.

    • That's actually a really good idea! You have 10 suggestions for me to pull off in a video?

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