Ukraine Missions Trip Video

I’ve been wanting to get this video posted for a couple days now, but unfortunately it’s too long for YouTube. So, I’m trying out Google Video here instead even though reports of the two companies show that Google’s video quality seems to be poor compared to YouTube’s. If I’m approved for YouTube’s Director account, I’ll update this video then, but for now, here it is from Google:

Posted on August 22, 2006

  • Hey Tim…try next time. I’m pretty sure they have no limit to file length.

  • Tim

    Hey Dennis. I’ll look into I remember reading about them somewhere but don’t remember what the verdict was. Google doesn’t have a file limit either, but if it’s over 100MB it can take several days for them to approve it. I encoded this video to be just under 100MB, but at 26 minutes long I loose a lot of video quality that way. Oh well.

    Here’s a chart that summarizes a lot of the video sharing sites together. This whole article is pretty helpful, too.

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