“I dream of a church…” vision casting kick-off meeting [Freebie Friday]

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Several years ago I was in the middle of vision casting for our youth group because, honestly, it didn’t really have one. We were pretty much just doing youth-groupy-type stuff with no real intentional direction.

When I was getting ready to kick off the whole vision casting discussions with the youth group, I opened up the evening with the lesson that’s available for download below. I guess it’s not really a lesson per se. It’s more of a discussion starter to get kids thinking and interacting with the idea of a vision for the church and, more specifically, their youth group.

If you use this, I’d really love to hear in the comments how it works with your group!

And, in case you’re interested in taking this vision casting thing a step further with your group, my ebook, “Focused Youth Ministry,” outlines a 30-step process to go through with your leadership teams and teenagers. It will not only take you through a process that will help you discover what God’s vision is for your ministry, but also help you form a plan to implement it and make it sustainable long-term. It’s available for only $1.99.

LinkDownload, “I dream of a church…”

Posted on July 13, 2012

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