What an accomplishment!

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Woah, who would sign up to be the judge of this?!

(ht to “To know God less“)

Posted on March 22, 2007

  • Hey Tim, thanks for stopping by with the comment.
    Nice place you’ve got around here.

    This sneaker story is hilarious and sad, at the same time. Only in America would we have a contest that gives a couple Ks for stinky shoes. That amount of money could give over 200 AIDS orphans the chance to survive in Africa.

    Speaking of…have you checked out the One Life Revolution (World Vision/Youth Specialties)? We’re doing it with our kiddo’s in May. It’s pretty stellar.

    Be rich in Rest…+jenelle

  • Tim

    Hey Jenelle! I was thinking the same thing about the sneaker story. Who would think to put something like that together, find scholarship money for it and encourage students to participate? The whole thing is just so random.

    I heard about the One Life Revolution at the NYWC, but haven’t done anything with it yet. We do 30-Hour Famine annually, but not this yet. Hope your event goes well!

  • I am so glad you don’t like the idea of stinky sneakers!

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