What high school guys look for in girls

Tonight was one of those nights when ya drop everything you had planned for the small group meeting because the students bring other issues to discuss instead. With my Sr. High guys group, I start every small group meeting with, “Tell me about your week,” which usually takes us about a half-hour before we move into the lesson. But tonight I changed the question to, “What has God taught you this week?” They took a second to think and then jumped straight in to the topic of girl drama taking place in their lives. As soon as I heard some of the latest news concerning their women, I knew my lesson should be dropped until the next week.

The high school guys had a great talk tonight about girls, relationships, values, and selfishness. At my suggestion, they put together a list of what they look for in girls and, with their permission, I thought I’d share it here. These characteristics are straight from their mouths, not mine.

What my high school guys look for in a potential girlfriend:
1. Physically attractive
2. Female (must be a girl) :)
3. Humble
4. Dresses modestly
5. Maintains a positive attitude
6. Shares similar beliefs
7. Gives us freedom (i.e. play video games and hobbies)
8. Does not use guilt or manipulation
9. Respect for themselves and others
10. Is patient
11. Listens to us
12. Is within 4 years of our age

Once they finished the list, I asked them, “How many of these traits can you determine before even entering a relationship?” Their answer: “All of them.”

Maybe now they’ve raised their own standards a little higher and can consciously save themselves from unnecessary relationships that bring tough heartache.

What a fun night!

(P.S. Having read the above qualifications, all my guys are available and are taking applications from any girls who might be interested.) ;)

Posted on March 2, 2006

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