My high school guys are still going strong

I was pleased to find out tonight that all the high school guys are still going strong on their commitment to no TV, video games or secular music for a week. We debriefed for a while and then I essentially shared what I wrote two days ago. Although we’re all still standing strong, it kinda feels like we (myself included) are just trying to hold out for Saturday night when we can finally unleash ourselves on video games again. So, for the remainder of the week I will try to be more intentional about spending that time on positive things instead of viewing this as a waiting game.

It is evident that we’re all learning a lot and that a shift in morals has taken place. One guy even reported that his attitudes toward family members have changed through this. We also agreed that it’s pretty much impossible to filter out what we see on TV, hear in music, and play in video games. We each used to feel that we could filter out the bad stuff without too much difficulty, but now that this content has been completely removed from our lives for these couple days, we already see the subliminal effect it actually has. Even innocent game shows like Fear Factor are an issue for us now because of the outfits the women wear. There’s not one guy out there who hasn’t noticed this, but yet most of us Christians watch it anyway because the stunts are cool. As a small group of guys, we could not think of a single way to see these women and not be even minimally affected by it. I’m proud of them for that! It shows they’re raising the standard for the media they view. They’re critically evaluating it all instead of just absorbing it like some zombie.

A couple days ago I mentioned my goals for the week. Here’s how I’m doing:

1. Spend more time in scripture.
This is going well, but I’d like to see it increase even more. Colossians is so cool.

2. Spend more time in prayer.
Again, going well but could still bear to be increased.

3. Finish up several youth ministry books I’m half-way through.
Uhhh… not going so well. I’ve spent that time blogging here instead. Seminary seemed to really “burn me out” from reading. I guess I still haven’t fully recovered yet. *shrugs*

4. Make a list of little things I can do to influence culture.
Done. See here.

5. Work out at least 4 times.
Man, I’m such a slacker. I’ve only worked out once so far. That means I need to work out every remaining day this week to meet the goal.

Oh, and I also got a new phone today! Now I can record Andy Griffith on my home-made TiVo, convert it to 3g2 format, and watch it on my cell phone. 8)

Posted on April 6, 2006

  • Tim, I was thinking about this and my own TV watching and had a thought. I don’t watch much TV due to lack of time, but I do watch some shows religiously. House is one of those shows. There isn’t much there as far as immodest dress, etc. but I still wind up attracted to characters in the show. I wonder if we are just made to take things that way as guys. Back 100 years ago, if a man saw a woman’s ankle in public then that was very exhillerating and risque. I wonder if we, as men, just go there in our heads and it doesn’t matter much what we see. Having said that, I think a lot of media that has immodest attire doesn’t leave many options, so I am not saying that it is compounded by the media. I am just wondering how far guys will go apart from that.

    Keep up the media fast. I still applaud your efforts and commitment to your guys. BTW, ever noticed the outfits on GW for females? There’s something there I think even at low rez.

  • Tim

    Yeah, you're definitely right. Guys will see an inch and take it a mile no matter what is exposed. Some shows lend themselves to this more than others, though. I've never felt like I had to put up a guard for Jimmy Neutron (I love that guy!) or Andy Griffith, but many other shows feel like they're probing at my integrity.

    Concerning GW, I guess you're talking about the female elementalist and the tatoo armor for female monks. Although risque, I can honestly say that these pixlized video game characters have never been a source of temptation for me. (I almost always play male characters, anyway, just because I feel weird playing a girl. :roll: )

  • Yeah, the whole "you aren't who you pretend to be" thing is weird. I played with this group for a while and there was a female character in the group and I was floored to find out that it was a guy. Even worse is that I would defend the female character just out of masuline pride even after knowing it was a guy who played.

    Call Eldredge, I really to have a beauty to save.

  • This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!

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