Your top 4 favorite youth group games

Two weeks ago I shared that I have 5 free downloads to give away for the iPhone app, Group Games, featuring more than 100 youth group game ideas.

Four of those free downloads go to the people below for submitting a picture and brief description of their youth group’s favorite game on the LISM Facebook Page.

I still have 1 more free download code to give away! Sometime this week I will give it away via the LISM Facebook Page!

Here are your top four favorite youth group games! Has your group played any of these? What games does your youth group enjoy playing the most? Comment below and let us all know!

1. Cell phone pic scategory!

Submitted by Julio Nieves – Leaders pose and create pics, display them on a slide show, and groups have to replicate it. Extra points for creativity. Text photos in to leader so you can create a sideshow of what they sent in. Show after lesson for laughs!

Cell phone pic scategory youth group game

2. Q-Tip wars

Submitted by Nancy Hill Glodich – Each side has straws and Q-Tip and they try to get all the Q-Tips to one side. After a certain amount of time, one side wins! (So far, no one has shot an eye out!)

Q-Tip Wars youth group game

3. Fat Santa

Submitted by Jimmy Hudson – Divide into teams and pass out balloons. Buy the largest sweat suits you can find at WalMart and some small sized balloons. Set an amount of time and the teens blow up the balloons and stuff the santa. Best looking Santa at the end wins.

Fan Santa youth group game

4. Shuffle Your Buns

Submitted by Steve Cullum – Everyone has a chair facing inside, forming a circle. To start, one student stands in the middle and tries to sit down in an open seat while the group “shuffles” to their left. If the person in the middle sits down, the person to their right is now in the middle. If a larger group, you can add multiple students in the middle for more chaos.

Shuffle your buns youth group game

Posted on July 17, 2012

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