Youth group lock-in video from last weekend

Last weekend was our annual youth group lock-in. I had a lot of great video footage of the crazy stuff we did, but unfortunately toward the end of the night my video camera ate the tape! Doh! First time that’s happened. I tried to recover as much video as possible, which turned out to be none. So, this year’s video was made from the still digital pictures we took instead. Kind of a bummer, but oh well.

It was my last big event with this youth group before moving to Minnesota in three weeks. Sad times.

Posted on January 25, 2007

  • Ally Moody


  • Tim

    You know it! :D Gotta get some Whirlyball action in before Minnesota. It was my wife’s first time to play.

  • Ally

    I love Whirleyball….

    Except my friends are really competitive, and they tend to get violent.


    Everybody leaves with bruises. : X

  • Have you told us before that you were moving to Minnesota? If so, why is this the first I’ve heard of it?

  • Tim

    @ Ally: I bet you dished out more bruises than you took, huh? ;)

    @ Dennis: I posted about it a couple weeks ago. I think you were off traveling during that time, so you probably missed it. Here’s the original post about it.

  • Ally


    I wouldn’t exactly say that. Not in Whirlyball anyway. I actually kind of suck.

    Now, play me in soccer, basketball, or air hockey, and I’ll knock out your teeth.

    Actually…I broke a girl’s leg in soccer my freshman year in high school. She charged me when I had the ball, our knees collided, mine went forward, hers went backwards and snapped……..IT WAS AWESOME.

    OH—And I totally thought you were leaving THIS month…Not in Feb. ( I misread ) So I’ll see what I can do about visiting your church before you skip town…

  • Bravo. Good job on the video. Looks like the lock-in was a blast!

  • Enjoyed the videa -still images are cool!
    Love the one with the tape Tim -never seen that before!
    Hope all goes well for you in Minnesota.

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