Tic Long transitions out of the Youth Specialties office

First, check out the video below of Tic Long and Mark Matlock sharing about some big news at Youth Specialties and then read my thoughts below.

Personally, I’m pretty excited about this transition for a couple reasons.

1. Ever since Marko left Youth Specialties and the whole transition took place surrounding that, Youth Specialties appeared to be without a clear, visible direction. Its future was uncertain and many youth workers had questions about what would happen next.

When Tic Long became the Executive Director, it was a huge sigh of relief that made many of us feel like there was a sense of stability and familiarity at Youth Specialties again. Tic did a great job at getting the organization back on its feet and building a foundation that will now allow the organization to move forward again. Although I’m confident Tic could’ve filled the role for years to come, I’m just as confident that Mark Matlock will serve it just as well.

2. I’ve always been a fan of Planet Wisdom because I feel like Mark Matlock and I share many of the same ministry values and that comes out in the way Mark runs the student conference. With Mark stepping up to the helm of Youth Specialties, I expect many of those values and vision will transfer to Youth Specialties in bigger ways! And as that happens, I expect I’ll become a bigger fan of Youth Specialties.

It sounds like Tic will still be around Youth Specialties, especially the events — he just won’t be in the office. I’m confident that his new ministry as an executive pastor will be fruitful and totally awesome for everyone he serves.

QUESTION: What are your reactions to Mark taking over Tic’s role at Youth Specialties and the future of the organization?

Posted on April 19, 2011

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