10 exit interview questions for graduating seniors [Freebie Friday]

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I’ve always said how important it is for a youth ministry to know the vision God’s given them, to focus on it, and to regularly evaluate it. In fact, I even wrote an ebook about it titled, “Focused Youth Ministry,” to help youth ministries and churches do just that.

One great way to assess your youth ministry is to talk with graduating seniors before they take off for college. Ask them some good, hard questions about their experiences in the youth ministry, the church as a whole, and the influence they feel it may or may not have had on them. Usually they’ll give you very honest answers that can help you grow and improve the ministry. Think of it like an “exit interview” for your graduating seniors.

If you’d like a list of sample questions you could start with, is offering a resource for free from Chuck Bomar titled, “10 Things to Ask Graduating Seniors.” You can download the document for free from the link below.

While this list certainly contains some great questions, what else would you ask that’s not a part of this list? I’d love to compile a great list from you guys for a future post, as well.

LinkGet 10 Things to Ask Graduating Seniors from

Posted on May 25, 2012

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