10 ideas for getting referrals for your freebie sites

Ever since I started getting free stuff like an Xbox 360 Elite, Halo 3, 12-month subscription to Xbox Live, a 16GB iPod Touch, and now $580 cash from freebie sites, the comments and emails I get are, “Wow, I want to do this, too, but how can I get people to sign up under my referral link?” Here are some ideas.

1. Be patient.
The key this is patience. We’re all excited by the prospect of getting such cool gadgets or cash for free, but it will take some patience. It took me almost 3 months to get all the referrals I needed for my first freebie — an Xbox 360 Elite — because people think it’s a scam or are naturally skeptical (as I was at first). But after my Xbox finally arrived in the mail and I had physical proof that it’s real, it’s been a lot easier. In fact, after I had proof from the Xbox, the iPod Touch freebie site only took me 5 days to get the 8 referrals I needed for the 16 GB version! (In fact, I even went over by 2.)

From what I’ve seen around the Internet, the story is true for almost everyone. The first freebie takes a while to get, but after it shows up in the mail and you have evidence for your friends, the rest of the freebies roll in a lot easier. So, be patient, stick with it and you’ll get free stuff faster after you complete your first freebie site.

2. Talk to friends.
This is probably going to be your best bet for getting referrals. Just bring it up and tell people about it. Not everyone will be interested, but you don’t need everyone to be interested — you only need a couple. “Hey, do you have an iPod?… Do you like it?… I don’t have one, but I’m trying to get the iPod Touch for free… It’s actually really simple. It works like this…”

3. Post a note in Facebook.
When you post it in Facebook, chances are many of your friends will see it. Don’t write a 5-page essay or something people won’t bother to read — keep it short, sweet, clear and concise.

4. Write about it on your blog.
If you have one, copy and paste your Facebook note to your blog.

5. Post your link in the sidebar of your blog.
Since blog posts quickly get pushed off the front page and buried in the archives, put a link to that blog post in your sidebar so it appears on every page of your site. See my site for an example.

6. Email all your friends about it.
This probably doesn’t need much of an explanation. Mass email to your address book!

7. Put the link in your email signature.
Put either your referral link or a link to your blog post at the end of every email when you sign your name. Most email has a featured called “email signature” that will automatically attach whatever text you want to the end of every email when you send it.

8. Put the link in your forum signatures.
If you’re active on any forums, put your referral link or a link to your blog post in your signature there. That way it will appear every time you reply or start a new thread. If you have a reputation for being helpful and honest, you’ll probably do pretty well there.

9. Put the link in your instant messenger away message.
Those who use instant messaging software tend to have pretty extensive buddy lists. Put your link in your IM profile. When you’re away from the computer, put up an away message that displays info about how you’re getting a certain prize for free and how they can too.

10. Use the freebie site’s promotional tools.
When you login to your account at a freebie site, they provide you with a couple great promotional tools, including HTML and forum code you can copy and paste into your blog or forum signatures, and professional graphics to use. Take advantage of these tools. They want you to refer people to their site just as badly as you do, so they’re more than happy to help you do it. (Find some of these tools in your Bonus Network account by clicking on the “Account” tab at the top of the page.)


Wait a second, what in the world is a freebie site?

If you’re reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, basically there’s websites out there that will give you cool electronics or cash for FREE if you sign up on their site, complete a couple trial offers from one or more of their partnering companies and then refer a certain number of other people to do the same. These freebie websites send potential customers, like yourself and your friends, to companies to try their products and services with no obligation. (Although you can cancel at any time, I recommend you be fair to the company and give them a try since they’re helping you get your free stuff). In return, the freebie website gets a commission from the company whose trial you signed up. The freebie website then spends part of it on sending you a nice thank-you in the form of cash or a cool gift like an Xbox, iPod Touch, iPhone, even HDTVs. It’s all 100% legit. I know because I’ve received several gifts myself. See here and here for proof pictures.

How much is this going to cost me?
It depends on which trial offer(s) you decide to try. Some, like trying for a month, are complete free and won’t cost you a penny. Others, like, require only a 1-time cheap purchase and that’s it. Every company is real and legit and most are offers you might want to try anyway, like a month of Blockbuster or Netflix.

If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. I’ve cashed out on a couple sites already, so I’ve been through the process several times.

Have fun!

Posted on January 11, 2008

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  • I usually point them here: “he’s a youth pastor… there’s no way he’d lie about this!”

  • lol! I ain’t lying! Promise. :)

  • Good tips!

  • Yay! I just got $830 sent to me through pay pal from this deal! I did both the Ipod Touch and the xbox 360 elite! [$350 Ipod and $480 Xbox] You should totally sign up for the Iphone deal Tim is offering now and even if you don’t want the Ipone take the cash option like he is and I did. I’m not a rep for Tim or anything I just signed up under from his link to see if it would work and it did! It’s really not hard. Thanks Tim!


  • Congrats David!

  • Kris

    I’m interested, but worried about my personal information going out everywhere willy nilly.

    Will I be receiving junk mail after junk mail advertisement for the rest of my life? Will my privacy be totally violated if I participate?


  • @ Kris: There is no spam mail at all. I’ve been doing these sites for a while now and I haven’t received a single piece of spam mail because of it. They guard your personal information very closely. Their business is sending potential customers to other companies, not shady spam mail operations or selling personal data. Your info doesn’t go out everywhere. The only places it goes is to the freebie site (which they use ONLY for the purposes of avoiding fraud and shipping your free gift) and to the company whose trial you sign up for. Since all the trials are with big major companies, they’re all legit and guard your info as well, like Blockbuster,, Netflix, Gamefly, Photostamps, PosterPass, etc.

  • @Kris: I’m been doing this stuff since July 2005 and have NEVER had a problem dealing with sites and advertisers. Junk mail, maybe, but it’s so common that its hard to notice from where it comes from. I just created a separate gmail account for this stuff too, so it doesn’t really matter.

    As for junk snail mail and phone calls, never happened. Like Tim mentioned most of the advertisers on freebie sites are big name companies like Blockbuster. They do not deal with stuff like that. If it really matters, participate and research your offers. The offers Tim mentioned are all excellent ones, and are from big companies too, so you’re ok with those if you choose to do it. Another good one is Video Professor. I dealth with them about 2yrs ago, and they were very good (customer support too).

    Freebie sites require your address to check that its a valid address (so they can cross-reference with the geo-location of your IP) and to also know where to ship your gift.

    Good luck with this!

  • i have made around 4thousand $ from these sites i haev completed the iphone site (580) the ps34free site (375) the desktopcomputers (500) and much more if anyone wants to get started and have questions let me know and i can help you, i haev aim (deathkiller2007) email its a fund and easy free world.

  • Dan


    I am a fellow brother in christ and well… lookin for an ipod too! I just can’t get my referrals, can you maybe help me out? Can you sign up for an offer using my referral code? I would be eternally thankful!

    God’s Blessings, Dan

  • Sorry, Dan, I already completed the site. It’s against the Terms of Service for me to sign up again. Only one per household.

  • good suggestions.

  • Tyler

    I like the suggestions.

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  • I started this freebie stuff in April of 2006 and I got the same exact rewards that Tim received. I also got the $580 from yourfreeiphone, Halo 3, an 8 gb Ipod Touch, an Xbox 360 Elite, 12 months of Xbox live, as well as a $475 gift card from 360elite4free . Yes freebie sites at first are a pain but they get easier once you receive your first reward. Once you have enough proof and testimony, use the help of videos, a website, and word-of-mouth to get your payouts. Also making a step by step guide for people helps a deal. Make sure to keep in contact with referrals- That is the most critical step.

  • I was looking at your site and i like what you say. I believe every word but even with the tips i can’t get referrals still. is there like a website that help with getting referrals.

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  • I like that you were very detailed in places to promote your referral links. However, how efficient are these methods? I can utilize all of the methods you just described and still get no referrals while someone else can promote theirs using only 2 of the methods you mentioned above – and still collect more referrals, free prizes or cash rewards than myself.

    Think about it. How many freebie site participants use these methods? ALOT? How many of them are still struggling to earn free prizes? ALOT!

    I think it makes more sense to focus on at least 3 highly effective methods than 10 try 5, 10, 20 or more methods hoping to that enough people will sign up…

    Just starting up a convo.. lol

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  • Anonomus

    I want to do this kind of stuff but everyone tells me its a scam and my parents ground me from the computer whenever I try. Of course i ask permission to use my family's address and i try to prove to them that its not a scam but i cant! Any tips?

  • There is some solid information in this post. I enjoy your writing. I've added this blog to my boomarks and will be sure to spread the word to my friends. I did have a problem with how quick this page loaded. Might be something to fix.

  • Mark

    Speaking of free stuff how about free money!
    Just click ads everyday and earn real CASH
    NO scam here see site forum for (proof of payments)

  • Faltu91
  • vsil

    Can you help me people: ?
    Thanks, nice article :D

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