I got my FREE Xbox 360 Elite today! iPod Touch is next.

Some of you may remember back to August when I posted about how to get a Xbox 360 Elite for free from Well, guess what? Mine came in the mail today! I got an Xbox 360 Elite, a game of my choice (I picked Halo 3, of course) and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live for free! Here’s a timeline of how it all happened:

  1. August 27, 2007: I sign up at — under someone else’s referral link and complete trial offers.
  2. August 30, 2007: I post here about how to get an Xbox 360 Elite for free and started encouraging others to sign-up under my referral link and complete one of the many trial offers. The post starts showing up in Google searches and is in the sidebar of my blog.
  3. November 6, 2007: I finally have 12 people who signed up under my referral link and completed one of the trial offers, so I submit my account for review.
  4. November 10, 2007: My account is approved and I place my order for the Xbox 360 Elite, a game of my choice (Halo 3, of course), and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.
  5. November 13, 2007: Everything is shipped.
  6. November 19, 2007: Halo 3 and the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription card arrive in the mail from Amazon.
  7. November 30, 2007: The Xbox 360 Elite finally arrives. It was late because UPS lost the package, then Amazon went out of stock on the Elites, so they overnighted another one to me via FedEx from Circuit City even though the problem wasn’t their fault. They definitely went out of their way to keep their end of the bargain and communicated with me very well through the whole ordeal.

If you want an Xbox 360 Elite for free, too, sign up here under this referral link.

Here’s pictures for the skeptics out there. (Click the image to view it full-size.)

Anyone else on Xbox Live? Send me your gamertag! Let’s play.

Get an iPod Touch for FREE from the same company!

Now that my Xbox is here, I’m going for an iPod Touch. Obviously I have first-hand evidence that this is real and legit, not a rip-off scam or some pain-in-the-neck process. Here’s how you can get a FREE iPod Touch:

  1. Click this link: —
  2. Sign up and create an account.
  3. Complete 1 or 2 offers (like Blockbuster, Netflix or BlueHost hosting, etc.) to get 100% credit and then refer other people to do the same under your referral link.
  4. Receive your iPod Touch for FREE!

It honestly isn’t any more difficult than that.

A little tip:
If you click an offer and don’t sign up for it on that visit, make sure you clear your browser’s cookies before going back to it again from your other accounts. Otherwise the tracking cookie might not register that you signed up for their service from their site and you’ll have to request a manual credit, which can take several weeks.

Posted on November 30, 2007

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  • Hey nice pictures, you’ll have to bring it down and play on our HDTV soon! Thanks for putting my referral link on your page so everybody else can get an XBOX too! Have fun playing and I guess I’ll keep practicing halo 2 for now. Don’t forget to stop playing long enough to eat and drink :-) haha

  • Tim, I’m on and my gamertag is Sleestac. If you remember an old kids tv show called Land of the Lost, then you will get it.

    Since we never could get together on Guild Wars or WOW I would to to shoot you in Halo cubed. ;-)

  • Tim good deal man. My gamertag is – the depth. Add me and we’ll play sometime.

  • no stinkin’ way!! this is way too cool. Conrats!

  • Congrats! I’ve been doing this stuff too. It’s VERY LEGIT people.

  • I signed up through your link…hope it helps both of us!

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  • Alright man. I’m doing this for you. let me know if you get credit for my completion of an offer.

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  • It’s sickening how quickly your referrals are stacking up.

    I have zero.


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  • Sorry, Andy! lol I also posted it in Facebook, so a lot of friends are checking it out from there. Try that. Also send it in an email to everyone you know. I’ve found that just telling people I know about it usually works best because the trust is already established. Use it as a conversation starter, “Do you have an iPod?… oh really?…. I don’t have one, but I’m trying to get one for free…. It’s actually not that hard. It works like this…” Also place it in the sidebar of your blog so it’s on every page, put it in your email signature, forum signatures, etc.

    It really just takes patience, though. You can see in my timeline above that it took over 2 months for me to get the referrals I needed for the Xbox.

  • Andy, like Tim said, you need patience for this stuff. Getting your very first freebie takes a long time. It took me a couple of months to get my psp (was the first item). Then I followed it up with 3 ipods, another psp, ps3, wii, and it got a bit easier…

  • You are my referral. Since you’ve pretty much got yours completed now, see if you can send some referrals my way

  • Tyler, I think you have to complete a referral yourself first before signing up other people. At least that’s what I’ve always done. Oh, and I’m still 2 away from my iPod. For all I know that could take 2 months to get. I don’t think I’m “pretty much completed yet,” I just have more than you right now, that’s all.

  • *TIP FOR REFERRALS* I finished looking through each of the offers you can pick from and the easiest to sign up for is because it’s free and easy and you actually get $5 in stamps. If you are looking to just do an offer for the sake of getting it completed or encouraging others to sign up is a very easy offer to complete and gives you credit right away.

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  • David, that’s a popular offer but if it seems like almost all of your referrals do that it would look suspicious and your account can go on hold. Never tell your referrals exactly what offer to do as that’s against the site’s TOS. Allow them to pick, and you can suggest a couple good ones. Just never be specific.

  • Brandon

    I tried the trial and it took me to some dumb smileycentral website about smiley faces for messengers and it wanted me to download something…….didnt seem legit to me.

  • @ Brandon: For the trial you’ll have to download the software and install it to print your $5 of free postage, but smileycentral? lol I have no idea what the deal is with that. I’ve never seen that before. Maybe you accidentally clicked on an ad somewhere or something… I dunno. Either way, if you go back to try it again, make sure you clear your cookies first or use a different browser to make sure it tracks your offer completion without a glitch.

  • @ Brandon: That sometimes happens when the offer is down or it doesn’t support your area. Try back later.

    To ensure credit:
    – make sure you use an IE browser
    – delete ALL cookies before you login to the site and do your offer. This is to ensure it didn’t already track you in case you visited the site before
    – accept ALL cookies to go through in your browser
    – disable any anti-cookies/ad programs. I think Norton’s Internet Security does this, so disable it for sometime
    – AFTER you do your offer, wait for the site to FULLY load. Don’t close the window immediately. Better yet, wait around 15 sec after you see the progress bar has finished loading

  • Thanks for the correction, i’ll be sure to let people just pick their offers on their own.

  • I completed the offer for mine, but I’m not getting credit for it yet. Apparently the one I signed up for takes several days to give credit. I’ve kind of got a feeling that my parents and in-laws will sign up for the disney book club, and one of the other kids deals, to give to my kids. The Disney one looks like a cheap and good one, if you’ve got kids. Did you get another credit yet? I did sign up for Gamefly, through your referral.

  • leah

    Hi Tim, followed this link from one of the facebook nursing groups. Really cool you are a youth minister. My husband and I do a college/career age ministry at our about a tough group. We have been serving at our current church for about 15 months, and the ministry is just now begining to take shape, (with a lot of bumps along the way:).

    I will be sendin you a friend request on facebook. Are you a nurse also? I am. our ministry efforts are voluneer. well, God bless, leah

  • @ Tyler: No, the person who referred you doesn’t get credit until you do. Each person gets their green check mark at the same time.

    @ Leah: No, I’m not a nurse, but my brother, my mom and my sister-in-law are. I bet it was my brother who posed this link on Facebook.

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  • hey tim, thanks for the inspiration in starting our own blog about free xbox 360’s. hopefully, we will have as much luck as you have!

  • Congrats on your (first?) freebie. Getting 12 referrals in two monhts ain’t bad at all. I can see you getting a lot more free stuff, especially after being able to show off the first one like this.

  • iPod Touch Freebies Deal

    Nice to hear that you got your item shipped. People are skeptic about this and it’s nice to see that you have got yours.

  • If you can share what offers that you do it would help others greatly. Personally on my network, Live, Match and Those Free Vitamin Offers are the best since they are free or only require $7 shipping and handlign fee.

  • how many people signed up but didnt complete an offer? I have been trying to get some people to do it for me, but so far I have had 4 signups and no completions.

  • I signed up under your free iPod Touch link! Thanks for the referral, I can’t really afford one at the moment.

  • Classified

    Man, i got alot of questions, there has to be some sort of catch, why would they help other businesses when they are not getting any profits?

    Send me a friend request my account: Requiredghr (dont ask what it means)

  • No, there’s no catch. Obviously, I got my Xbox and I got my iPod, as well. When sends another company a new customer to try their service, that company pays a commission for it. It’s out of that commission that they buy the iPod for you.

  • @Classified: Think of the freebie site as a car salesman. Every time they bring a customer in, like yourself, to sell a car, they get a commission from the car manufacturer. They don’t keep all the commission for themselves, they give some back, to you, as a reward.

  • Yay! I just got $830 sent to me through pay pal from this deal! I did both the Ipod Touch and the xbox 360 elite! [$350 Ipod and $480 Xbox] You should totally sign up for the Iphone deal Tim is offering now and even if you don’t want the Ipone take the cash option like he is and I did. I’m not a rep for Tim or anything I just signed up under from his link to see if it would work and it did! It’s really not hard. Thanks Tim!


  • Congrats David!

  • Yeah, the patience is very important when you are on your way to get your freebie. My first freebie is a PS3 and right now I am pursuing XBOX 360 Elite. ^_^ Cool eh?

  • These freebie sites are the best! I almost have my Xbox 360 ready to ship.

  • Congratulations!!!! I’m pretty sure many people would love to get xbox and ipod touch for free too ^_^ I have tried this company before and received a nintendo wii. Awesome!

  • Ragnar Danneskjold

    I’ve checked it out & signed up because of this article. here’s my url, just in case someone who checks out this site wants to help me get a free ipod touch :-)


  • Dynasty

    These sites work. I have gotten a free Xbox and games from these sites.

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  • John

    So when u referred people do they have to try out an offer as well or just u

  • @ John: The people you refer have to complete a trial offer of something, too. Then they can also refer other people to get the item or cash for free.

  • J

    i completed my offer a couple of days ago and it still say i havent, how long will it take to acknowledge the fact i completed it? also can i start getting referals b4 my offer i noticed?

  • @ J: Each offer has a different time frame for reporting and it should say what it is before you sign up. If it’s been longer than 10 days, submit a missing credit report through the support page.

  • Tim Schmoyer speaks the truth. I can testify to this since I have received 3 freebies from 3 seperate trainn sites. So far, I have received A Free Xbox 360 Elite, spending no money, a $475 Amazon gift card spending $7 total, and $580 cash spending $14 on offers.

  • Thanks for such a tremendous share. I\’m always on the look out for freebies and this is exactly what I\’ve been searching for. Kudos!

  • Ash

    I need only 8 more referrals for my ps3, any advice? The conventional ways don’t really work that well for me.

  • @Ash: Here are 10 ways to get referrals. But the real key is persistence and patience, especially for the first freebie. After you get your PS3, other freebies will come very quickly because you’ll have physical proof, but the first one takes the most time. Just keep with it and you’ll get it. :-)

  • Ash

    Hey, Tim, I’m more comfortable with this other freebie site, should I stick with that one? Should I give you a link to one of the sites? Or should I try with Bonus? People have said that they cannot get to Bonus, because the links didn’t work.

  • Ash

    UPDATE: I’m down to 7 referrals needed for Bonus. I need 5 more referrals for another site called Givafree.

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  • Thanks for share tim, it's useful…

  • Thanks for share tim, it's useful…

  • Very interesting, would like to take another look at this.

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