My FREE iPod Touch arrived! Now for a free iPhone

Last month I posted about how I got a free Xbox 360 Elite and told you I was going to go for the 16GB iPod Touch next with the same company. Well, today my FREE 16GB iPod Touch arrived! Here’s the timeline:

  1. October 26, 2007: I sign up at the site under someone else’s referral link and signed up for a couple trial offers. My account is credited that same day.
  2. November 30, 2007: I posted about how I got my free Xbox 360 and also posted my referral link for the free iPod Touch.
  3. December 5, 2007: Only a few days later I had enough referrals of people who completed an offer to get a free iPod Touch of their own. So, I submitted my account for review.
  4. December 8, 2007: My account is approved and I submit my order for the 16GB iPod Touch.
  5. December 9, 2007: The next day my iPod is shipped.
  6. December 17, 2007: My FREE 16GB iPod Touch arrived in the mail!

Here are the proof pictures (click to see full-size):

UPDATE: I interviewed a co-owner of the Bonus Network, the company that gives all this stuff away. Watch it below. For more information about the network and how all this works, read my more detailed post about free iPods, iPhones, Xbox 360s, Macbooks, Wii, PS3s, cash, and more.

If you want a free iPod Touch, too, sign up under this referral link.

Get an iPhone for FREE!

Now that both my Xbox Elite and iPod Touch are here, I’m going for a free iPhone through the same company. Instead of taking the iPhone, though, I’m going to take the cash offer instead to put toward vacation next summer. Obviously I have first-hand evidence that this is real and legit, not a rip-off scam or some pain-in-the-neck process. Here’s how you can get a FREE iPhone (or cash):

  1. Click this link: —
  2. Sign up to create an account.
  3. Complete 1 or 2 offers (like Blockbuster, Netflix or BlueHost hosting, etc.) to get 100% credit and then refer other people to do the same under your referral link.
  4. Receive your iPhone for FREE!

It honestly isn’t any more difficult than that. If you have any questions about the process, I’ve done it twice, so feel free to ask in the comments below.

A little tip:
If you click an offer and don’t sign up for it on that visit, make sure you clear your browser’s cookies before going back to it again from your other accounts. Otherwise the tracking cookie might not register that you signed up for their service from their site and you’ll have to request a manual credit, which can take several weeks.

Posted on December 18, 2007

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  • robert

    What does it mean to “Complete an offer?”

  • Congrats! I was tempted to get the touch too, but took the cash :)

    @robert: “Complete an offer” means to sign up for one advertiser’s product/service. Read the description of the offer to know what you have to do to get credit.

  • To get get the free iPhone or iPod, you’ll sign up using the link above in the post. Through that site you’ll be presented with several pages of different trial offers from different companies, like Blockbuster, Netflix, Gamefly,, Photostamps and more. Pick one of the trial offers and follow the instructions for how to complete the offer. Most of the time you have to sign up for their service and try it for a week or so in order to get credit toward your iPhone or iPod. For example, requires that you sign up for their service, install their software and use it to print some postage. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have completed the offer and will have credit toward the iPhone or iPod. (If you decide not to keep their service, you can always cancel it later, but don’t do it right away — that’s considered fraud. Give their services a decent try.) Once you’ve completed the offer, use the your referral link on the “Progress” page to get other people to sign up and complete and offer using your link, too. After 8 people do so, you get a free iPhone!

  • Hey Tim, is the iphone,also available for those who are in the philippines?

  • No, I think it’s only for the US and Canada. Sorry efren.

  • Aaron

    It would seem that the word “free” is a mistake. It’s not free. You had to buy something….before you could refer people. So you paid something right? That’s how they get the free stuff…..the advertisers are making money because you’re spending money.

  • @ Aaron: Well, yes and no. Some of the trial offers are completely free, some are not, so it depends on which one you choose. If you choose to do a free offer (like, it’ll truly cost you nothing. The offers that do cost something, though, are usually fairly cheap. For example, I did the GameFly offer for this iPhone, which cost me $9.53 to try their service for a month. I get unlimited video game rentals for a month from them, so how much profit did they actually make off me? Probably not much after you factor in that they pay shipping and handling and I get video games for a month, something I probably would’ve tried anyway. So, if you want to say that I paid $9.53 for the iPhone, then I guess you could, but in my opinion I really paid that for the GameFly service and I don’t think they made much profit off of it.

    • jake

      i subscribed but idnt get it

  • @Aaron: By the definition of what these sites refer to as “free” is that you don’t pay directly towards the gift, like the iphone. You don’t even pay any taxes or shipping to get this gift.

    What you do pay, if you do pay (like Tim said above), is for the advertiser product/service which you would normally subscribe to anyways, with or without going through this system. For example, if you wanted to sign up to Blockbuster, you would do it by going directly to their site and would not be rewarded for doing so. By going through freebie sites, you’re rewarded for signing up at an advertiser and trying them out.

  • I took the plunge after reading this and your free xbox. I figured you already had the ipod touch which is what I wanted so I signed up through a buddy who had signed up under you.

    If all goes well I’m going for the iphone next I think…or maybe the money as well…

  • Sweet! I hope you get it, Jason! The Touch is really amazing, especially once you hack it with jailbreak. :)

  • Tim,
    OK, I believed you and I decided to try it. Indeed, offered credit the same day. My question is… ‘Do I have to stay with more than 22 days?

  • @Radu: Read the offer description for what you have to do in order to get credit. People are not supposed to advice the specifics as it is against the site’s terms of service. ;)

  • @ Radu: Give the service a try. I mean, that’s the whole value in this for the company providing the offers. They won’t scam you out of your iPod or iPhone, so don’t scam the company out of actually giving their service a fair shot. Use it for the duration of the trial and if you want to continue using it after that, great! If not, you’re certainly welcome to cancel it with no penalty.

  • @Tim: Well said! That’s what advertisers really want you to do Radu… choose an offer you’re interested in and give their services/products a fair try.

  • It looks so easy for you guys… How do you convince people to sign up? What is the secret?

  • @ Radu: No secret besides patience. The Xbox took me 2 and a half months to get enough referrals, but now when I tell people I got it for free and they know it’s legit, it’s not too difficult to get referrals for other stuff. The first freebie definitely takes patience.

  • Tim,
    My Romanian blog doesn’t have a lot of visitors from USA or Canada… so it may take me a while. Anyways, have a Merry Christmas!

  • unknown

    It worked. Hard to believe at first mine only took a week(1) to arrive
    and so did three of mine friends already is were under my link
    Get your ipod for free too.

  • mike

    At first I did not believe the advertisements until I started searching on google for more information then read an article about free ipods and other products. I just went ahead and took a chance, I signed up called up several friends and they tried it out under my link, and I received mine the following week, and they did too, I do not know if that was luck only two got theirs in 2 weeks but that is better than a month. Get your free ipod now

  • @mike: lol, you got one and now you’re trying for another?

  • mike

    yes, nothing is better than free, lol… have you receive yours or signed up yet?

  • mike

    how many free products did you signed up for or you just took the ipod touc

  • @mike: I got 3 ipods a long time ago, but I didn’t want the touch (although it was quite tempting). Took money instead.

  • It is very exciting to hear you guys are all getting free stuff…nice free stuff. For a little while I was a little skeptic, but Tim and his friends convinced me and I finally signed up. It wasN’t painful at all:))) and something good is awaiting for me.

  • @Radu: The first freebie is very tough. Took me a couple of months. But after the first it gets much easier, especially b/c more people starting believing this stuff (like your friends/family).

  • Tim,

    aight. I hooked a brother up. I signed up and got u up to #5. I think I am going to make millions on the google ads website thing I signed up for. I will thank you in my will…or at least on a CD liner note.

  • Thanks, Erik! When you make millions I’ll feel a little cooler knowing that you once posted a comment on my blog. :)

  • ian

    Guys i know some of you already got your free stuff but im havin trouble getting referals, please help.

    it will be much appreciated

    edited by Tim

  • @ian: Don’t tell people to do specific offers as that is grounds for your account going on hold. Please read the freebie site’s terms of service.

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  • Sure thing, Luke! Email me your referral link and I'll post yours here as soon as get my 11 referrals.

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  • Well I’m in… Tim, if you fill your requirements, send people my way!

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  • So.. I’m in too. BUT, like a few other commenter’s here are having trouble getting refferals. I can understand how some people are so skeptic, but even after I explain the whole process in DETAIL and basically prove it isn’t a scam, even my friends are still too skeptical!

    Anyway, any help with referrals would be greatly appreciated!

  • @Brain: For people who have difficulty in gaining referrals, there are specific communities to help each other out. By “help each other” I mean, people either pay someone to be their ref (about 50% of what they get, since it’s SO competitive). Or, each person trades to be a referral on each others site. Or, you offer something, perhaps like 2 old dvds to get a referral.

    I don’t think I can mention the urls of these places here, but if you Google, you can find it.

  • @ Brian: The key is patience and persistence. It took me almost 3 months to get all the referrals I needed for my first freebie — Xbox 360 Elite, Halo 3 and 12-month subscription to Xbox Live — for mostly the same reasons you’re facing. But after it finally arrived in the mail and I had physical proof to show people, it’s been a lot easier since then. The next one I did for the iPod touch only took me 5 days to complete!

    From what I’ve seen around forums and stuff, the same story is true for almost everyone. The first freebie takes a while to get, but after it shows up in the mail and you have evidence for your friends, the rest of the freebies you do roll in a lot easier. So, be patient, stick with it and you’ll be on a roll after you complete your first freebie site.

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  • Yay! I just got $830 sent to me through pay pal from this deal! I did both the Ipod Touch and the xbox 360 elite! [$350 Ipod and $480 Xbox] You should totally sign up for the Iphone deal Tim is offering now and even if you don’t want the Ipone take the cash option like he is and I did. I’m not a rep for Tim or anything I just signed up under from his link to see if it would work and it did! It’s really not hard. Thanks Tim!


  • Congrats David!

  • Sounds like this deal really works… at least for some. After almost a month I am still waiting to get my first referral. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • not give

    I don’t have a credit card can i complete this offer still?

  • @ not give: If you have a debit card, any of the offers will work fine for you. If you don’t have a debit card either, there might be one or two offers you can still complete, but I’m not sure. You’d have to look through each offer’s details to find out.

  • @ not give: I noticed just one level B offer there that doesn’t require a card. But it’s not enough to give you full credit.

    Also note, using pre-paid visa cards are NOT allowed to be used anymore as lots of people frauded offers with it.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Tim! Love the blog, and this information is very helpful. Unfortunately, i didn’t read it before i did my offer, so i didn’t delete my browser cookies. And in fact it’s been 4 days and the credit isn’t showing. What do i have to do to fix this. And how do i know which offer name to choose in my click history, because i visited the site 3 or 4 times before i completed it. Thanks for the help. Looking forward to the response. Thanks again!

  • @Jonathan: What offer did you do? You can file for a MCR (manual credit request) after 10 (maybe 7, I forgot the exact #) business days from the time you did it.

    Submit a request on the first click that directed you to the advertiser as that is when the cookie first got created most likely.

    Remember to file a MCR you need to include the confirmation email including the FULL HEADERS from your email provider (Google it if you don’t know).

  • @ Jonathan: Yeah, what Mark said. (Thanks, Mark!) I would just add that you can find the Missing Credit Request form under the “My Account” tab once you login to

  • Jonathan

    @ mark:I did the offer. Would it be fraud or against the rules to cancel that today, and then resign-up and make sure i only go to the site once so i do indeed receive instant credit?

  • @ Jonathan: You can’t sign up for a service/product you’ve already used at anytime in your life, so no, you can’t cancel and sign up again. (For example, if you’ve been a subscriber in the past, you can’t sign up for their trial again through a freebie site.) The only way to get credit is to fill out the MCR form.

  • @Jonathan:You need to use the stamps service for a minimum of 21 days, and print some postage, to get and keep the credit (it says so on trainn’s site when viewing the requirements description).

    And like Tim said, you can’t ever repeat an offer.

  • What’s up with the referral links in the comments? Can I put mine here too Tim? lol

  • @ Mark: Yeah, I wasn’t sure what do to about that at first, but I decided to let it go because no one seems to get any clicks off of it here in the comments anyway. I may change my mind at a later date, though.

  • I see. Well, it doesn’t matter anyways.

  • thanks.

  • Bradley

    [EDIT: Sorry, Brad, this violates the Terms of Service. You cannot tell people what trial to do nor recommend that they cancel it when the trial is over.] I recommend that you sign up for the referral program, and complete the —- offer. All you have to do is sign up ———-. It’s very simple ——–.
    Sign up by going to [link removed]
    Thanks, Brad

  • Zach

    Man! I’ve been trying for quite a while, and have yet to get my first referral. I’ve posted on various blog sites, ebay, and ebay classifieds. It is also very hard to convince my friends that this is actually legit. Does anybody know how I can get referrals?! this is my first freebie, so it is really tough.

  • @ Zach: Check out this blog post: 10 ideas for getting referrals for your freebie sites. Maybe that will help.

  • Zach

    Okay. Thanks a lot Tim!

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  • Cherilyn

    How do I get referrals? How do I access my account to know how many referrals I have? My account is set up with a number so that when people are referred, it will go to my account, but I don’t see that number anywhere. Help!

  • @Cherilyn : Read the post by Tim right above yours for referral help.

    To login, go to the site you signed up for, and look at the top right link to login. Once you login you’ll find your referral link and see who your refs are.

  • I have also posted a review of at my website, if anyone is interested:

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  • Eric Denver

    I’m surprised by this exchange on a Christian site.

    Ask yourselves: Is this what God wants you to be excited about? Is this how God wants you to sepnd your time?

    Christ would have nothing to do with such selfish, materialistic things!

    Stop wasting your time with this foolishness. Go out into the world and help our brothers and sisters in need.

    What’s more important, your electronic gadgets or God’s suffering children?

  • @ Eric: You clearly haven’t read anything else on this site.

  • Nick

    hey if you can help me out with referrals because you seem to know how its done, maybe if you can give me referral sites or if you can be a referral id appreciate it

  • Rineru

    Okay, You said “submit my account for review”

    Now if your account and all of your referrals completed the blockbuster, netflix, or stamps offer.

    Wouldn’t they deny you?

  • @ Rineru: No, I don’t think they will. They just double-check to make sure there’s no fraud involved.

  • Rineru

    Well what if all of the people did the stamps offer?

    Would that be considered fraud?

  • Adam

    Hey Tim, since you AND your brother already have your free ipod touch, would you put my referral link up on this page? Life as a youth pastor definitely doesn’t afford us these things.

  • @ Rineru: I’m not sure how it works. Just to be safe, don’t violate the Terms of Agreement and let your referrals pick whichever offer they want to complete. If you want to recommend a couple, that’s fine, but you can’t just recommend

    @ Adam: I have another youth pastor friend’s referral link up right now. When he’s finished and gets his iPod, I think I have another couple guys waiting in line to have their link posted here, as well.

  • @Rineru: If all your refs did the exact same offer it would look very suspicious and considered “offer fraud/walkthrough”. Kinda like you suggesting them all to do 1 specific offer, and not anything else.

    You might get away with it as Trainn rarely puts people on hold, but never do that again. Let your refs find their own one they’re interested in and this will vary things. Good luck!

  • Adam

    what all does one have to do at to get credit? What do i have to print?

  • Shea


    I’m doing the offer right now. One question about it though. Will I receive notification from when my trial period is expired, so that I won’t get charged the monthly fee, or do I have to remember to cancel exactly at the end of my one month trial?

    Thanks in advance for the tips!


  • @Adam: To get credit, you need to signup, install the program, and print some postage. You also have to keep it for at least 21 days to get credit.

    @Shea: Read that offer’s TOS. It is mentioned. Talking about what you’re trying to do publicly will get your account banned.

  • Shea

    @Mark: What’s this about public talk getting my account banned? Don’t they want us to make the deal public?? I am simply agreeing to the offer, then planning to cancel. That’s the risk that the free offer company is taking. It shouldn’t result in my account being banned.

  • @Shea: If you have to do that, go ahead. You can still get credit if the requirements are met. However, discussing canceling publicly is what the company doesn’t like as it turns advertisers away. They want to keep you as customers, but if you’re simply signing up to get credit, it is considered offer fraud. Be private about this stuff.

  • Adam

    how long does it take to get credit for stamps? One of my referrals used it, and I am sure she printed stuff out with it, but i haven’t received credit in over 48 hours….

  • @Adam: I think on most cases it’s instantly, unless something goes wrong…such as the user not doing the steps like: disable anti-cookie/ad progs, allow ALL cookies to pass through, use IE6 or firefox.

    If they don’t get credit soon, they will have to submit an MCR (manual credit request) and they’ll get credit in about a week to 10 days.

  • Collin

    hey, if i pay you double what it costs for you to complete all the offers, can you get me a free iPhone? i’d do it myself but no credit card :[. PLEASE? i know people don’t usually do this but can you just this once? I’m begging you!

  • Collin, each person can only cash out on one prize from the site. Since I’m already working on it, I can’t sign up and do it again for you. Sorry. Anyone that tells you they will do the site again for you is breaching the TOS and will have their account banned.

  • John

    hi could you please talk me through this. email me

  • Great tutorial, I have one that’s similar except that allows users to join a rotation of referrals so they will have a higher chance of getting a referral. It’s at Free Ipod Touch

  • Bob

    Hey Tim, can you put my referral link on this site?

  • Hey Bob, I can possibly do that once I’ve completed the site myself, but I’ll figure it out then.

  • AJ

    Hey everyone i really want one of these new cool ipod touches but the problem is that i cant afford it can you please go to my link i only need 3 more people to do it and then i will be home free and i will get my ipod so please do it for me

  • Goose

    Can you help me? anyone? thanks
    link removed

  • Mike

    Hi guys, I make my account on one of the avobe links, please can you help me now?
    here is my link referal
    link removed

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  • k iv tried every site i mean every one and its always the same need a credit card or #. i cant do im 12. so plz iv ask every one and i dont know y they say no, but can u use your accout to do it for me (i just cant, im not cut out for it)and then send the gift to me by mail plz u have no iea how much this would mean to me . i can go buy one cause im too poor. im not joking. my dads is the only one that works hes not paid alot my mom well any way just plz find it in your heat to do this for every says its so easy so if it can u plz do for me thank so much. my mail address is 334yerry hill rd Woodstock ,ny usa. thax my # is 845-679-3373 not that ull probly need it but there. my email is plz make my dream come true iv tried so hard and i just cant win not alone.thx angain .
    plzzzzzzzzzzz u said u done it twice i need it plz i dont have any other way of getting it so plz.

  • k iv tried every site i mean every one and its always the same need a credit card or #. i cant do im 12. so plz iv ask every one and i dont know y they say no, but can u use your accout to do it for me (i just cant, im not cut out for it)and then send the gift to me by mail plz u have no iea how much this would mean to me . i can go buy one cause im too poor. im not joking. my dads is the only one that works hes not paid alot my mom well any way just plz find it in your heat to do this for every says its so easy so if it can u plz do for me thank so much. my mail address is 334yerry hill rd Woodstock ,ny usa. thax my # is 845-679-3373 not that ull probly need it but there. my email is plz make my dream come true iv tried so hard and i just cant win not alone.thx angain .

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  • tayler

    Do you think you could get people to do this website too? Could you get them to do it with my referral link?? Please, I really want one of these!!

    God bless

  • some dude

    hey i did the thing but im worried that it may not arrive i was sent on the 31th and its the 10 today it also has all the right adress but with the exception that it says united states instead of canada but you know it has alll of the rite adress and stuff so yea..plz awnser back

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  • shadoe

    i saw those free ipod touch websites and i tryd to complete offers but most of them you have to have a credit card and refer 5 friends.i don’t own a credit card.even if i wanted one i cannot get one because i have bad credit.also i don’t have any i cannot fefer friends.honestly i cannot afford an ipod touch.i never had a ipod.i would love to have one but not right now.ive entered contest to win an ipod touch but i never i gave up.those free websites that give stuff away for free arent really free because you have to complete i guess i won’t be gettin one anytime soon.

  • Aaron

    just before i sign up, i was wondering if anyone would list me all the FREE offers, not ones like gamefly where you have to pay $10. and the stamps one, whenever i click on it (from other sites) the window says something about ” webfetti” what that all about?

  • Aaron

    for the 8GB ipod touch, you dont need to do any offers right?

  • hay im terance my mom is a foster parent and she is not my real mom
    she has 3 foster kides and there all older then me so kind of get left out so if u can help i would realy want an ipod touch thankx your my last hope

  • please a friend of my told me that you are a good friend and you can send me a free iphone video converter that’s why me to i am leaving this comment thank you and good bye.have a nice day.

  • Sorry, foster. I don’t have items to give away. This is just information on how to get an iPhone for free yourself. I do not have a stock pile of iPhones, iPods or converters to give away. Your friend was mistaken.

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  • Adedamola

    Hi, I’m Damola, from Nigeria, does this apply to Nigeria, or even Africa also?

  • @ Adedamola: No, U.S.A. and Canada only.

  • Does this really work? I thought it was fake.

  • @QuickPWN: It’s real. Everything in my post above is not a lie nor are the images photoshopped. I’ve done these sites several times. It works every time.

    There are definitely sites out there who are not legit and will rip you off, but the Bonus Network is not one of them. They’ve paid me and sent me free stuff several times after I earned it by referring people.

  • deb

    my daughter wants one so bad but i dont know how to get the referal i know no whu will do that

  • Shelby Craig

    the referral link is not working

  • @ Shelby Craig: oops, now it is! lol sorry.

  • Bob

    Hey, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor. Since you finished getting your iPod Touch, and I’m still working on mine (I was so inspired!) I was wondering if you could switch out your referral link with mine just to help a stranger out!
    Anyways, I really hope you decide to!

    Thank you so much, not only for inspiring me, but also if you add my link to help me out!

  • @ Bob: Sorry man, I get so many requests from people wanting to put their link here that I decided not to do it for anyone. Otherwise I’d just have a huge long list here and no one would get referrals at all.

  • It’s great to see the interview on here!

  • nya

    when do i get my phone????????????

  • MMM…scared…11-17 yrs. old. am i OLD enough?

  • john arhinful


  • Jess

    this is no good, that’s the first generation. no one wants that now that there’s the second generation.

  • @Jess: You will always get the latest generation iPod from them. The picture above is the first generation because that’s what was available when I got my free one.

  • kordell

    hi i need a pod so so bad because i work hard i am so bord i need one

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  • matt

    Tim, Is it possible to get a free ipod touch on just refferals not offers?

  • kingsfordboadu

    place lam a boy who goes to school and l want so lwant anipod for mschool plase send me one .

  • please send i pad to me.
    i want small relief.

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  • eric hanson

    eric hanson
    nafana secondary school 50
    i want

  • hi thanks

  • please i went the player, please

  • http://www.samaritan

    hey there and thank you for your info – I have certainly picked up anything new from right here. I did however expertise several technical points using this web site, since I experienced to reload the web site lots of times previous to I could get it to load correctly. I had been wondering if your web host is OK? Not that I'm complaining, but slow loading instances times will very frequently affect your placement in google and can damage your quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Well I am adding this RSS to my e-mail and can look out for a lot more of your respective exciting content. Make sure you update this again soon..

  • alyssa tillmon

    i really want a ipod touch but i can never get it because ppl can always get what they want but i cant

  • Wonderful site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I'd really love to be a part of a online community where I can get advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

  • ikran


  • Ikranmuhammad

    good i love that ipode i wish it was free

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