My FREE iPod Touch arrived! Now for a free iPhone

Last month I posted about how I got a free Xbox 360 Elite and told you I was going to go for the 16GB iPod Touch next with the same company. Well, today my FREE 16GB iPod Touch arrived! Here’s the timeline:

  1. October 26, 2007: I sign up at the site under someone else’s referral link and signed up for a couple trial offers. My account is credited that same day.
  2. November 30, 2007: I posted about how I got my free Xbox 360 and also posted my referral link for the free iPod Touch.
  3. December 5, 2007: Only a few days later I had enough referrals of people who completed an offer to get a free iPod Touch of their own. So, I submitted my account for review.
  4. December 8, 2007: My account is approved and I submit my order for the 16GB iPod Touch.
  5. December 9, 2007: The next day my iPod is shipped.
  6. December 17, 2007: My FREE 16GB iPod Touch arrived in the mail!

Here are the proof pictures (click to see full-size):

UPDATE: I interviewed a co-owner of the Bonus Network, the company that gives all this stuff away. Watch it below. For more information about the network and how all this works, read my more detailed post about free iPods, iPhones, Xbox 360s, Macbooks, Wii, PS3s, cash, and more.

If you want a free iPod Touch, too, sign up under this referral link.

Get an iPhone for FREE!

Now that both my Xbox Elite and iPod Touch are here, I’m going for a free iPhone through the same company. Instead of taking the iPhone, though, I’m going to take the cash offer instead to put toward vacation next summer. Obviously I have first-hand evidence that this is real and legit, not a rip-off scam or some pain-in-the-neck process. Here’s how you can get a FREE iPhone (or cash):

  1. Click this link: —
  2. Sign up to create an account.
  3. Complete 1 or 2 offers (like Blockbuster, Netflix or BlueHost hosting, etc.) to get 100% credit and then refer other people to do the same under your referral link.
  4. Receive your iPhone for FREE!

It honestly isn’t any more difficult than that. If you have any questions about the process, I’ve done it twice, so feel free to ask in the comments below.

A little tip:
If you click an offer and don’t sign up for it on that visit, make sure you clear your browser’s cookies before going back to it again from your other accounts. Otherwise the tracking cookie might not register that you signed up for their service from their site and you’ll have to request a manual credit, which can take several weeks.

Posted on December 18, 2007

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