8 tips for maximizing your mission trip’s impact

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Posted on January 26, 2010

  • GG- B

    T E R R I F I C ADVISE !!!!!

  • Yes great advice indeed! Most mission trips are a waste of time and kingdom resources, often consumer driven tourist ventures where nationals themselves become the activities for trip participants. But they can also become life changing & faith deepening experiences! But it requires vital values and principles to be in place (the kind of tips being mentioned here). I wrote my dissertation on mission trips (specifically the story of a trip I've been doing for 12 years). The data revealed that it had made a significant impact on individuals over the years, changing them spiritually and in terms of life goals and career choices. The positive results are largely down to training, long term partnerships, cultural intelligence and intentional personal growth.
    These are essential tips for mission trips! I'd also recommend Dave Livermore's book Serving with your eyes open – doing short term missions with cultural intelligence. It should be required reading for anyone planning to engage in cross cultural mission.

  • Jeff

    Debrief after the trip?

    Bad idea. I hear what he's saying, but daily debriefing (you can keep this short) is, in my opinion, essential to your students developing an understanding about what they are there, doing what they are doing. You miss a tremendous opportunity for your students to "get it" if you wait until the trip is over to debrief. Plus, for many people, it will never happen.

    • Yeah, I tend to agree with you, Jeff, and I'm sure Dale would, too. I think he's mostly reacting against the groups who debrief for hours every day. Typically on trips I've done we debrief for a little bit before going to bed. That way it hasn't interrupted our potential ministry time and we still can reflect together.

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