9 mistakes that can kill your ministry’s growth

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Posted on December 11, 2008

  • Just to beat everyone to the punch, yes, I know I accidentally skipped #4 in the video. lol Doh!

  • Good stuff, Tim! This is the first video of yours that I’ve watched and I enjoyed it!

  • @Matt Johnson: Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it helps bless you and your ministry somehow.

  • Good points. Thanks for being real and yes I would love the freebie if still available.

  • @Helen: It’s yours! I’ll email you and get your mailing address.

  • Tim,
    Again! God wins!!!
    Let me back up and explain: had a meeting Mon nite w/ Sunday school teachers and Superintendant and us (hubby and I are Youth Ministry leaders). In a follow up email, the SS Super commented to us “that there are parents that don’t want their kids in youth group, but not to let that discourage us”. So, we thought–why bring it up? We know of the kids that don’t come to YG and we pray for their families. What bugged us (Satan knocking in the head), was WHY BRING IT UP?!?!?!?
    THEN—-Praise The Lord, I watch this a.m. your video blog and #5 was discussed….ONLY BE VALIDATED BY GOD.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for your comfort and for using Tim when You knew we would use Tim’s message to get Your Redeeming message.

  • @Kari: Cool story! Glad He used it to help your ministry! :-)

  • Kyle

    Tim, great stuff. I know the important one that struck a chord with me is taking care of yourself. in the town where i work, there are a lot of youth pastors that don’t take care of themselves (ie. work too many hours, don’t take time off, are afraid to let someone else handle something) and are starting to burn out. i try to tell them they need to take time for themselves, but it doesn’t work (i’m the newbie in town). it’s the achilles heal of youth pastors.

  • This is great Tim. Very cool to see you use video so well and communicate with your visitors.

    This is it! The new frontier of amazing ministry…online!

    God bless you brother!

  • mom schmoyer

    Is it embrassing for your mom to say the video was GREAT !!! The material is insightful , but I just like watching you talk. I miss you love momj

  • Russell Rosal

    hey I really like your video. I was inspired to do more for God

  • Teresa Singh

    Hey, I just stumbled on to your website, so much great stuff to use. We just moved to a small town and our church is starting a much needed youth group–I am so excited to find this info.

    Thanks so much! God is Awesome!!

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